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Quest to Aztlan By Elena Blanes Fernandez

Quest to Aztlan developed by Elena Blanes Fernandez enjoy this Action packed strategy game. Were you set your quest in lost city of Aztlan.

Quest to Aztlan

Genre:Strategy Developer:Elena Blanes Fernandez

The game Ques to Aztlan is developed by Elena Blanes Fernandez which is a Action packed strategy game. Were you set your quest in lost city of Aztlan and face powerful creatures who protect city from real time RPG battles. The game is inspired from Final Fantasy’s ATB.

The game is mixer of simple and complexity with solving puzzle and bit confusion. Also game doesn’t involve story just dragging things between battles and take items in shop. But you can explore many new locations and challenges. Everytime when you win battle you earn gold new items and equipments for next levels. This part is better who loves to battle a lot and overall game apparently fall under the category of turn-based RPG game.

Visually game has minimal design with background light and gray mix color. Graphics are smooth and neat with It’s stylish in its simplicity. The game takes you in 4 vs 4 platform style and choose four people sets in different adventurers. All have there own skills can try multiple save slots with different combinations. Your journey starts with you have to fight with bunch of monsters and then fight with other monsters. Tutorials are available which will guide you proper directions.

You arrange your squard and in 4vs 4 style then just start your battle just by tapping on them and attack on opponents by tapping on them or take friends help in your side for a battle. Timers are set to start the battle and when its ready  battle will be start. And select of items in menu or select them which can be used for battleing yo fill the foes by force. There are 100’s of enemies trying to defend you in diffrent position so be prepared in the startegy . game. Your skills and ability are tested in

So to win the battle field of Aztlan you have to plan the strategy and be prepared with powerful equipments for successful journey. which can be purchased in shops by spending and buying equipment for them and can be restored used items in the battlefield. Shops are filled with useful items just spend few coins and select precious item which is better.

If you choose items like bombs, potions, poisons which is really helpful against your opponents in battlefield. In the RPG battle your decisions are more important because you are the one who decides destiny in strategy and command your heroes. So there is no changes in equip one you select from shop. If you got sword and brown jumper on then you have to continue same no matter how strong or week you are. And always you feel you’d need to reconsifer your strategy, because we are not satisfied by our performance also game is not very challenging.

quest-to-aztlan-ios-2There are total 40 challanging levels you can experinence which is full of action and opponents filled with four diffrent loction. You will come across various battlefields in games like jungle, cave and ancient ruins Great Temple of Aztlan and try to overcome all traps. I felt Quest to Aztlans not so appealing, bit of story is also necessary in depth, also continuous battleing is very tired feeling and bit boredom. But love the concept of 4vs 4 battlefield and fun to play.

I love to play this challenging game due to its unique artstyle and appealing look, you have lots of challenges to accept and hundreds of combination of enemies to face and try to block them in all direction with your planing skills.


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