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Pokaboo -Best game when you are in mood for a haunting puzzle

Join colors together in Pokaboo, a charming puzzler

 Pokaboo By GlobZ

Genre:Puzzle Developer:GlobZ

Pokaboo developed by Gloz is a adorable game which is fit for Halloween season that is just in one corner. If you ever played cute games like Pudding Monsters then you can jump to get a kick out of Pokaboo.


When we talk about mobile games, one of my favorite genres are puzzles which will help to stimulate our brains and think for best solution for solving puzzle. Which will keep use busy for a long time will not divert our mind. Earlier some months back I reviewed Zombie match Defense, which is a great little gems for match-three and tower defense fans. But if you want to try something more challenging and unique puzzzle which requires more brainpower? which goes in the theme of Halloween then Pokaboo is worth to checkout.

Pokaboo has a minimal look and good feel to it, which I adore. But sometimes we feel very less will be more that is the case with Pokaboo. The game looks,  it has used both dark and vibrant colors that are very rich and neat on retina displays, still entire games has a nice charm with ghost character sprite. Animations of the game are buttery smooth and fluid plus soundtrack is whimsical and delight to go along with all.


Like many other game Pokaboo also has level-based games and player can progress by solving puzzles one by one. There are 20 levels in each five chapters, in order to access more levels you have to clear all stages or earn stars. The objective of the games is ghost have to push the blobs of color and merge the same colored ones together to clear the level.While I feel it sounds like an easy task with only restricted number of mover to achieve a star, the game already proved very challenging and good one.

Speaking about  controls in the game its very simple and nice. When you want to move in a specific direction use swipe finger on the screen. Since you are a cute ghost in the game you have various abilities to move on walls and come out of the walls .So this  important mechanics you have to follow in the game. As you move on the game deeper you’ll see more complicated mechanics and layouts that will put your brain to work.

I’m a big fan of puzzle games and love game pokaboo a lot so far despite i’m having a busy schedule. The game’s visual is fantastic  with great music, and controls which is very simple makes you play in one hand and game’s mechanic is interesting, challenging and unique. Limiting the number of moves you can achieve the star and keeps the replay value high. you have to make number of attempts to figure out the best solution on each stage, this why I’m still on one chapter.

I recommend to play the game which very different compare to other puzzle game and if you are in a mood of haunting little puzzle which is best for whole family



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