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Oz Broken Kingdom- which offers you busy interface

Oz Broken Kingdom developed by Oz Broken Kingdom a roleplaying game which offers you busy interface.

Oz Broken Kingdom

Genre:Adventure Developer:By NEXON M Inc.

The game Oz Developed by NEXON M Inca role-playing game introduces players to Ophelia Shen, a young girl who joins, Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow on a quest to fight against evil darknsedd and save the land Oz. The game Oz offers very busy game to you with lot more complex elements you face. And you attacking the opponents is being highlighted in the game. It takes you to a movie’s darker on Frank LBaum’s magical world,  with catchy songs and appealing artworks with yellow brick road.


In Oz: Broken Kingdom you are able to perform certain tasks like attacks oe cast a spell and the current choices available counts how much energy you’ve acquired along the journey in game. Spells will boost your critical striking chances while other side to you take responsibility to save kingdom use attack three enimes at once. So you have to be clever, decides when attacks are most powerful. And in a game you participate in a seriesof waves of attack. You will complete level-based battles as they travel through the land of Oz, can spend number of mana points on each character abilities wich can be founds on cards. When players complete battles in levels they will be rewarded with games’s free currency and crafting gems. Tese gems can be turned special gems can be equipped by heroes to improve the stats. Wher gem can improve hero’s health.

There is a tutorial which gives tactical information about displayed before a battle helps to make these decisions through a statistics to helps arrive  chances to become success. And HUD helps to give useful information on battles but its not briefly explained still a benefit. You can fight in PvP based battles via the arena too, which adds extra options doing something fasinating which makes heroes still stronger. If you find yourself there is lot more twists going on game. You can come through fantastic combat system in a game with no more three waves of enemies to beat eachother makes levels short. And users can improve there power in battles by collecting extra ability cards over time and gain various equip with diffrent abilities which suits there style. Ugrade cards to make them stronger by collecting required number of duplicate cards.

The game is ultimately good focusing on the campaign mode. And story gradually takes you surprising routes and bit simplistic style. It goes how you take up the challenge in battle field and keep thrill in the game by switching characters like Man, Lion or Scarecrow. Without spending cash game will not entertain you and hard to immerse yourself in gameworld. And online Arena mode allows you to joun a guild, employ further companions to your team, strength your squad by gaining items in real-time players in battlefield.

Oz:The broken Kingdom is ashort and fast paced battles and gives great pleasure and satisfaction after winning in battlefield, spend little cash to upgrade some abilities and immerse in the gameplay, winning all battles is not possible unless using all resources.



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