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Lumino city- enjoy point & click adventure game with in beautiful cardboard world

Lumino City a point & click adventure game with and set in a beautiful cardboard world

Lumino city

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Play Games

Lumino City developed by play Games is a point and click adventure games. The game has entirely hand crafted everything made in cardboard world I feel Developer has done excellent job in his creativity style I have’n’t seen such a game in googleplay or appstore. As soon I saw the icon of the game I felt its something special game I have been waiting for months. The paper work done to Lumino city looks gorgeous and unique same like tengami game. Every single design done here is remarkable by the design team. This unique artstyle attracted me immediately.


Your charter in the game is called Lumi, who is in search of her kidnapped grandfather. There is no story in the game. You have to figure out the hints which are interconnected to move every step inside Lumino City, to solve the puzzle else you will be looped to solve the puzzle. So plan well to continue the story. Story takes you to unique characters and various kind of unique buildings so figure out the puzzles hidden in the city and discover Lumi’s grandfather.

Speaking about control of the game its a point and click setup, to make girl move touch the part of the screen also follow to pick specific objects. The game offerso  simple control just pick the objects by tapping. To check inventory just tap a Lumi’s bag and drag a specific items to interact with other elements and make use of it. This handmade beautiful city  is very joy to play with and makes you immerse in the game play. Speaking about visual which colors selected are rich and vibrant and every scene in the design is beautiful and fantastic. The puzzles are hidden in the cities like picies. We have to discover altogether and make our path clear.

This Lumino city puzzle game takes 8 hours of gameplay which takes you to multiple location by trying to find clues. And its a premium game with no boost and IAP. You just have to find the missing grandpa by solving puzzle.


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