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He Likes The Darkness- Unique type of game with Darkness around

He Likes The Darkness is developed by TakeNewGames which is unique type of game with Darkness around

He Likes The Darkness

Genre:Strategy  Developer:TakeNewGames

This game is developed by Takenewgames Which is a cute little PC-man and a platformer game. The game takes back me to my high school days. We use to play in our video games what ever games were available those days. Like Mario, prince of persia .But today there are variety of games were hit on the appstore like Arcade, Racing, Strategy and many more and there will be completition between those.


Speaking about graphics were visuals the game has a minimalistic asethetic design rendered in 3-D with an angles. The color themes on the game are gorgeous, as they range from softer pastels to more vibrant hues, and more subtle backgrounds. ANimations in the He Likes The Darkness are buttery smooth and fluid with no lag on my iphone 6s plus. The ambient, unique sountrack is very joy to listen as you play. Overall the game He Likes The Darkness has done excellent job with the graphics and music, since the game makes you feel immerses when you play the game

While the game is infinite runner, it does have levels total of 100 with 5 characters . The goal of the game is to reach on the top without touching enemies and even though game looks pretty easy, things get tricky as you make progress on the levels, so prepare to die everytime also learn the tricks and master it. And collecting stars will help you open the portal to next level. And trying to collect more stars will help you unlock new characters and become the leader of the world ranking.

I recommand to play this fun and easy games which is also very challenging and cute one



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