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King Rabbit-solve the puzzle in gorgeous landscape

King Rabbit helps to rescue other rabbits with its action skill.

King Rabbit

Genre:Puzzle Developer:RareSloth LLC

The game developed by RareSloth Thisis a cute little aborable rabbit king no one can resist it. with beautiful artstyle which has drawn very carefully by designer has made it to come out with high degree of quality and substantial quantity.

This charming puzzle game is inspired all  from Furdemption game. Furdemption remains one of the best puzzle and action game. People liked the game mechanics in the first place itself. We can’t say game is everything similar to Furdemption it differs in gorgeous landscape designing art-style which is more aesthetic. You will definitely going to love King rabbit if you’re already fan of Furdemption. I think everyone love cute little bunnies who will resist. So when I saw it in market I thought of writing about it, I know I’m little bit late already, there are tons of games in my collection . So when I randomly picked Rabbit King thought of write review about it.


Speaking about game  King Rabbit which has got soft appealing images and game starts with peaceful forest surrounded by water and instead of a pit surrounded by a lava. The little rabbit will be disappears in a fluffy poof if he falls in deadly traps. Game takes you to a difficult curve which is very tough in a long run. The hints will offers you solution to solve puzzles, and buying temporaray hourglasses will slow down the action and timings are more manageable. The game features six different worlds that has 16 levels each. SO there are 196 total stages you can show your skills. The game has many replay value due to findings such as gold coins, diamonds and some collectibles, In the levels of each King Rabbit is compact, but full of traps and pits. In the game play rabbit can interact with certain objects by pushing or shaking into them. In some stages rabbit can take access on power-up crowns that  will temporarily help the King Rabbit to take additional powers. when you get progress on the stages levels will be trickier by demanding more careful plannings and timing to play reach the levels

I felt that the later stages created in King rabbit are more difficult than levels found in kingrabbitFurdemption and easier levels have great sense of design in easier levels. The developer Raresloth has done great job in developing Rabbit king levels also people are highly impressive by its look. Task of the rabbit is to rescue invariably a caged rabbits. The levels in the game are challenging you need to have planning and timing down to the millisecond if you want to survive but still they’re beatable, when you complete it gives you incredible satisfaction. Beyond this King Rabbit offers you rewarding the player in many ways like carats, Game’s bonus and collectibles which available to three stages. You can use diamonds to unlock new death animations power-ups slow time period. The game periodically gives you Diamonds after enough time has elapsed so little help is always present.

These Diamonds in the levels are find in themselves which is most enjoyable part in King Rabbit. In each stage there is a puzzle you have to find solution all by yourself so you might be rewarded with Diamonds. These Diamonds are not easily available they’re hidden in spectacular way its fun to find out. Even these Diamonds are utilized to purchase various items, These act are rewards items itself. This is really a brilliant ideas by developer.

Speaking about visual King Rabbit is really fantastic which adorable character. The colors in the game are rich bright and smooth, with landscape experience. The game has used top-down perspective which is reminiscent of classics like The Legend of Zelda. Animation in the game looks gorgeous and smooth with finely detailed  texture used makes you immersive in the game. Soundtrack are delight to listen. Controls are simple like other games you have to hippity-hop across each grid-based level by swiping in one of four directions. One swipe takes you one hop.

Overall Developer has done excellent job in visual, control scheme is incredibly intuitive, with concept of diamond which are hidden in each stages gives addition feature to the game. Levels are difficult and challenging.





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