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Isoland – Travel to Isoland uncover the mysteries in this new puzzle

Travel to Isoland and Uncover the Secrets Explore, solve, and unravel the mysteries in this new puzzler.


Genre:Puzzle Developer:RedFish Game Studio


Isoland is developed by Red Fish Games Studio which is a click and point adventure game I love hand-draw painting art games this will take me back to my childhood memories. The game is all about you are lost in mysterious isoland island and need to find the ways out through hidden clues.isoland2

Speaking about game’s visual, Isoland has got impressive  hand-drawn paintings which has made characters come to lives. Colors in the games are gorgeous and stunning as well which is a mixer of brighter and vibrant hues and from dark to rich tones, animation of the game is buttery smooth and fluid which are well animated and are finely detailed and well drawn, and artstyle is unique with aesthetic design. I’m rather impressed by what developers has done atmospheric soundtrack and audio mix in the Isoland because its a complete package.

In the game you are a researcher got letter from friend explaining about strange and mysterious Isoland upon friend’s request you arrive and finally realized you are trapped with other inhabitants. Were you are tested, tricked and troubled while exploring secrets. In the game you have to leave no stoned unturned in this mysterious journey. As you explore arrows will direct you with handy map will display the area for you. Every instance you will be tested and tricked like some riddles will open doors and other will revel secrets so be careful about the surroundings which will leave you hints to solve puzzles in Isoland. This game will keep your mind stimulated and helps you increase your creativity and making up stories which will keep thrill in the game.

The game has amazing visuals with illustrative design and experience the landscape when solving puzzles, and makes you immersive to play the game again. Through your logical observation and solving skills find all the clues to escape successfully from island.







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