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Heroki by Sega – challenge great boss battles inside rainbow world

Heroki developed  by Sega challenge great boss battles inside colourful world and well built puzzles.


Genre:Adventure  Developer:Sega

Heroki is a gorgeous game every one will love the game. Visuals are stuning and eyecatching environment. Game will definetly expect premium price of $4.99. With remarkable different from other platforming type games because the legend hero can fly high around. The developer created the environment filled with bright colors of world like a rainbow, which gives great pleasure of 2-D experience , lush surounding and breathtaking scenes.

The goal of Heroki is to save Levantia and you have to explore four lush worlds. Were you need to collect five pieces in each level. which should be achieved to unlock power-ups for later progress and endpoint is marked for magical portal. You challenge various creatures and set skills  which involves throwing out items, picking boxes with intense velocity and other abilities once you are successfully unlocking objects.


Heroki takes you to the world of progress in levels activating some switch to open a door, along the way trying to find the various hidden objects, which you need to find to set high scores on levels. Which adds upgrades to unlock by collecting huge coins. And future powers can be unlocked by collecting glyps. Which keeps you very challenging to find these glyps you have to search every nook and cranny of levels.Also googles are neccasary to uncover hidden items in each levels, coins are helpful for spending on items and upgrades in the shop.

In the game play you have to control Heroki in three ways you can drag him round, push him round or using a floting D-Pad. All the schemes are manageble. Tapping on the screen put you in free-fall and tapping on objects lets you pick them up joystick is good for controls because I am using it in. And later world you will be unlocking treasure chests and collectibles There are plenty of hidden areas and simple puzzles andlocked paths you need to double-back to explore once you find the lever .


I felt Heroki is impressive in visuals and repititive in levels given importance to activating swicthes to progress. And find slight variations in levels but winds up being an experience of all diffrent worlds and ability to fly high is really great idea. There is plenty of charm involved in game’s abyss and challenging puzzles in each levels. Many times I got stuck in levels with great difficulty I completed levels at end outcome was great satisfaction.

Heroki is gorgeous in its own style with lots of vibrant colors felt like hand drawn oil painting. Beacuse I love colourful paintings a lot. So i gradully attracted towards the beauty of game  which gives lives to a charcater girl heroki is cute flying high in sky, Vivid animation .


Overall Heroki is complete package espically the visals and great mechanics used. So worth playing the game.There’s so much amazing things hidden beneath Heroki.






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