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A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build- Adorable puzzle game with Good Snowmen

A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build Adorable puzzle game with Good Snowmen

 A Good Snowmen Is hard To Build

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Draknek Limited

A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build is developed by Draknek Limited is a puzzle game which allows you to build a snowman from a monster’s point of view.  This game is perfect to sit back and enjoy in weekends. If you’re a fan of puzzle games like Monsters want Burger , then A Good Snowmen Is Hard To Build will be a good game collection.

During past years which I can say I love video games. Even though I check tons of games in appstore or googleplay, there is one that I always turn to when I just want to unwind after a long time and which is so called some 90’s puzzle games. I know I have played all types of puzzles offered in google. but I can’t help it- I’m always coming back more different games which are unique and fun .But when I saw AGSMIHTB, I was drawn to game due to the unique artstyle and concept


Visually speaking AGSMIHTB is flat and minimalistic which what we love to see these kinds of games. Despite this fact, there is still more contents in the game due to the top-down angled perspective as well as the shadow effects. colors in the games are soft and rather quiet which plays easy for the eyes. The subtle textures in the environment add some finer  details to the overall graphics and animations are smooth and fluid. The game also has a atmospheric soundtrack which is pleasant to listen to and smoewhat realistic with sound effects adds a nice finishing touch

In AGSMIHTB players must guide a mysterious black marshmallow-shaped monster go through maze of connected rooms that are covered in a layer of snow. The goal in each room is to build a snowman using the comfortable place and pre-made balls of snow.However these balls vary the size so you need to guess the sizes to make them larger and then assemble them into correct order to build a snowman. While this may feel like easy task, the game remains true to its name –  but things is very complicated and challenging not easy as they look.

Your cute monster is able to many any place with grid-based rooms, as long as you point out the spot. To roll the snow balls just press on the one you want and you’ll see arrows pointing outward from it. And you have to place smaller snow balls on the larger ones but not the other way. And important thing is your monster cannot move if it blocked by an obstacle, including snowballs, and snowballs can only be pushed but pulling is not allowed. With these mechanics players have to find a safe path for building a snowman in each room, but when you get stuck you can restart the game. Plus point is there is undo button if you want to fix a mistake somewhere along the game

Since there are no limits or timer in the game of number of moves, the game is quit relaxing as you figure out the best way to build a snowman. Once snowman is done tap on it so that the monster can give it a hug and move on next sector. surprising thing is there is no stars to earn or points to score high so no way to take stress out. Game Center achievements , which add a bit of replay value to the game.

The graphics are gorgeous with Soundtrack are delightful to hear and controls are simple with good mechanics ant one can handle So go right for this amazing game.



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