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Go Surf By Diverso Games -Enjoy Endless surfing wave

Go Surf By Diverso Games

Go Surf

Genre: Racing Developer:By Diverso Games


Go surf The Endless Waves developed by Diverso Games a infinite surfer game like deep ocean. People who surf a lot on their vacation will definetly going to play these infinite surfer. A beautiful and challenging game with impressive physics mechanics used. Which is inspired from Alto’s Adventure both game features impressive visuals and simple mechanics which keep game alive. I can guarantee games satisfy all your expectation without boredom in Go Surf also beaware no to get distracted may even become shark food


Its every one’s dream to surf in a sea but its not possible atleast we can enjoy through Go Surf ,which gives all possible same pleasure as in the game. Just follow the set of rules applied in the game play with one single touch allows you experence entire ride in endless wave with physics mechanics and carries only one mode with variety of goals to achieve,that keeps thrill and progress in game. Game allows you explore rain mode with fascinaing scenes of dynamic day and night cycle, which takes you missions on different styles, as you progress in the levels and unlock more surfers each with its board on different styles and avoid crowds and be alert, Each wave is unique like is in nature.

Visually speaking game looks fantastic and graphics are gorgeous with breathtaking views. Colors in the game ranged from bright to light color with subtle background and Sound effects and music style fusion are original compositions are inspired from contemporary California. Special thanks to asthetic design by Australian artist and animation by Brazilian professions, Controls in the game are simple and easyly manageble, surf up and down by placeing finger on the screen perform special move while surfing like backflips, gliding through the inside of the wave. Game is not always easy as itn seems takes you challenging mode like maneuvering, standing on the top of wave and joy tube rides, jet skis and be aware of crowds since its a public beach like swimmers, and lurks beneath the water’s surface.


The game supports Power-ups which can be collectes as you surf and finish the game as soon as possible. and It goal of the game is reach greater distances and progress in the levels. Once you unlock more surfers each with diffrent surfing styles. Standing on the wave is more fun by collecting various gems in specific order as you surf. These gems are more benefits heplful for upgradeing the power-ups like Aerial, Magnet and Berrel and shops.  And You can challenge your friends for ranking in the Game Center which is more fun.

I love the game very much and incredibly impressed by sceneic beauty of beach is exceuted well. Go Surf an infinite runners game enjoy surffing high on the wave, avoiding sharks and crowds, unlocking different surfing styles with dynamic day and night cycle that you can witness changing in the background of the screen






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