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Go Go Fast – where make your way through crazy traffic

Go Go Fast by By Umbrella Games where make your way through crazy traffic

Go Go Fast

Genre:Racing Developer:Umbrella + Daniel Truong


The game developed by Umbrella Games LLC There are many games in the Appstore like Arcade, Startegy, Racing, RPG, Puzzle and Adventure. you can find many interesting games of your type but want to play something unique and interesting. I found Go Go fast a interesting one which is simple but very challenging one also fun.

These games remind us Crossy Road with same design but still I love these cute infinite runner game. When I was a little boy I use to play whatever games were available on those days on my Video games. But my interest grown towards game when I was in High school. Whenever my friends get free time they were playing Mario or prince of persia in those days, slowly my interest started growing towards also towards infinite runners. So the game Go Go Fast became one of my favorite game when it hit Appstore. I really enjoy these games because the have interesting game mechanics, and are just downright challenging-its very interesting as you progress in the game over time and as you try and improve with each attempt. gogofast

Visually speaking Go Go Fast looks fantastic due to unique style with minimalistic aesthetic to them. This game has simple mechanics with a soft pastel-colored world. which gives nice visual treat for the eyes. Colors in the game are bright and vivid hues with foreground in sharp contrast to the objects in the far distance, and I love just the color of the Go Go fast  to represent the world of the game. With the foreground in sharp contrast to the objects in the far distance, Animation in the game are smooth and fluid with ambient soundtrack helps soothe your mind so that you can focus on the game itself. Overall this game got great visual and audio package.

The task of the game is put your skills to the test to make delivers as soon as possible and pick up passengers also save there lives, choose various characters of your choice like goat sheep many more.

You can travel in 20 different vehicles and multiple gameplay modes show your achievement in Game Center.




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