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To Fu Fury- successor To-Fu The Trials of Chi and To-Fu 2

To Fu Fury successor To-Fu The Trials of Chi and To-Fu 2 and Award winning runner up from Apple game of the year 2011.

To Fu Fury

genre:Puzzle & Adventure Developer:Amazon Game Studios & HotGen Ltd

The game To Fu Fury is developed by Amazon Game Studios & HotGen Ltd they are known for there creative designs and unique ides. The game looks very challenging and gorgeous one. In store you can find various games but this one is bit different makes you immerse in the game  environment.

The game To-Fu-Fury is about controls can be explained you can move your Tufu in three methods. The basic movement by flinging by tapping your character and aiming in any direction on the screen. Its very simple but it will move all direction, your tofu can stretch any size depending upon your aiming, which helps to push objects in his head. second movement is walking can be done placing two fingers on the screen no specific direction. third is fling by yourself in curved fashion by holding down your finger on the tofu itself and practice your controls on Tofu.

tobefuryThis To-Fu-Fury game is successor of To-Fu The Trials of Chi and To-Fu 2 which is awarded as Apple game runner up of year 2011. In this physics puzzle game interesting point is about graphics which is highly praised and love by every one, graphics involved in glowing blue chi orbs is wonderful. To-fu’s stretchy and bouncy attitude is fantastic which suits well for the character. Speaking about levels all three movements are required to master which I mentioned above like walking on moving wheel to aim on perfect shot and trigger Goldberg-esque contraptions to escape from obstacles by rolling the balls. With delightful and calming soundtrack you can enjoy the game.

The main objective is getting through the level in one piece and also by collecting pieces of chi that is blue orbs on-the screen. Complete the stage under specific time limit and finish it on limited number of counts. I really feel challenging how each level can be completed by using three movements which is difficult and you can master the this puzzle game in your own style. In each stage your can earn four medals after successful completion of stages. And customization of the game is allowed to choose characters of your own

In To-Fu Fury, if you log on daily you will earn bonus and also coins which will aid you to unlock various new items every set of levels, plus get extra boosts. The game has Game Center integration for 22 leaderboards and 33 achievements. So replay is plus point which can be found plenty in the game.


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