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Fired Up- become a hero by putting off the fire

Fired Up game developed by Noodlescake studios become a hero by putting off the fire.

Fired Up

Genre:Arcade Developer: Noodlecake Studios Inc

The game Fired Up id developed by Noodlecake Studios. Fire up is a unique and simple concept yet immerses  lots of fun and entertainment in the game. So of the famus games developed by Noodlecake are Superstickman Golf3, Dig Deep, Chameleon Run so line goes on.  I love these games they are unique with minimal environment. And if your looking for some better challenging game and love to test your reflexive skills the Fired up is game for you.

I have seen tons of mobile games from past few years like puzzles and infinite runners which has become pretty popular these days but this one is unique game with new challenges you can expect. And this game is just for relaxing and for sometime pass and also test your reflexive skills how far you can reach top of the building but putting off the flame off. And gives a message about Fire Extinguisher  also it gives  proud feeling of heroism  by saving innocent people. The game moves up super quickly, giving you just a small second to react to put off fire and its rather frustrating after all other way I feel game is rather difficult right now everytime you prepare to die and so its definetely you have some gimmicks in game balance.


Your task in the game is save as many people as you can by moving higher and higher by putting  off the flame. Visually speaking Fired Up is simple and neat design with aesthetic. The colors choosed in game is soft color to bright one as well as burning fire looks smoothing nice . Animation in the game are smooth with fluid flow and soundtrack is chiptone which is perfect for the game which helps you to focus on the game. Controls in the game are simple and straighforward. And just simple one Touch controls tap to play and move left or right by tapping on specific direction. Score high and show your achievements on Leaderboards, share with your friends.


I suggest you to play this Arcade game atleast once and keeps you thrill in the game. But if you are a hardcore gamer who wants a real fun and challenging game then by all means, this is for you and this is also a refreshing game.