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Top 10 Mobile games of the week

Top 10 Mobile games of the week of sep 2016 enjoy all types of games in this beautiful and adorable games, download during weekends.

 1.Field Day

Genre:Point & click  Developer:Everywear Games

The game takes you to the world of farm field were you will be managing various crops and animals in this farm game. I feel game is inspired from click & point adventure game everything design, theme.

Task of the game is take orders, and achieve goals by planting crops in farm. The game offers you to manage varies aspect from adorable animals to all kinds of crops. Order will be assigned for a day. Completing orders on time will reward you with gold coins, graphics used in game are 3-D which looks gorgeous in retina screen. Colors range from soft-palettes to rich bright and fine textures. And soundtrack are melodies to listen I suggest to wear headphones.

Note: Apple watch are recommended to play this game.




Genre:Role Playing Developer:505 Games (US), Inc.


Game Ember developed by 505 Games us. The game takes you to strange and mysterious world that was once covered in dark world. But fate changed, one fine day heavens opened and stars of beacons has fallen into pitch dark world,they are called Embers. Suddenly world turned bright, light and life and lightbringers started searching for these luminuous matter. Embers has magical powers there news spread widely to the world and war has begin haunting and capturing them. Your task given as lightbringer and summoned to protect existing Embers who will collapse. Players will explore lush forest, dry deserts and dark abysses to reach city of Light

Speaking about visual which are smooth and fluid and colors choosed range from soft pallets to rich texture and Graphics are aesthetic design with finely detailed textures. And handcrafted characters looks fantastic Players will decide the destiny through his tough decisions.


3.Dofus Touch

Genre:Arcade Developer: Ankama

The game Dofus Touch developed by Ankama, enjoy the adventure’s game with your fingertips. Explore the world without limits, your task is to discover the legendary dragon eggs. So battle in 3 vs 3 mode , in epic journey. Fight with battle bosses by building army and taking help from your friends. So show your skills in the quest by fighting against monsters and defeating them.




4.Dungeon of Gravestone

Genre:Role playingDeveloper: Wonderland Kazakiri


The game Dungeon of Gravestone developed by Wonderland Kazakiri this game is puzzle packed action play. The world awaits nothing but death. Those who are not faith in god, set them self in dungeon. Heroes are awaken in gods deserted place. unfaithful people are set in to dungeon and tombstone arises. The more you descend dungeon depths bigger and complex maze gets. And amazing combat monsters like wizard, spider, pumpkin, mad duck, Ork all has special abilities and so be carful tactful everything and battle bosses

Game has powerful scrolls hidden in corner of dungeon which has great wisdom and if you are legend then you will be rewarded with great powers like Fire, Icewall, invisible and Float. You will be awarded with better power when you explore deeper in dungeon so make your equipment stronger to fight against battle bosses.


5.It’s Mine!

genre:Puzzle Developer: Craport


The game Its mine developed by Craport which is very fun also quit challenging. Game has lots of potential and stimulation designed for whole family, Task is to take the meat carefully from avoiding other animals just get it during drag. If you make hurry you die instantly, this game will help children to balance patience and mental. Multiplayers are allowed upto 4 members.



6.White Ninja

Genre:Arcade Developer: Sironin Games

The game White Ninja developed by Trung Vu. The game is too simple and funny. Just your task is you are master’s student, protecting master from falling apple. Control in the game are simple and straighforward. Tap left or right to catch the apples also be prepared for some  more challenges because some apples fall in ultra high speed.



7.Running Gods
Genre:Arcade Developer:Midnight Games

The game Running Gods developed by  Sophian ATIGUI task is to become the divinest god. In this infinite runner game you will be choosen god from Greek mythology to take part in running competition. From mount Olympus to the shores of the Styx and protect yourself from obstacles like lightings, spikes, rocks, fireballs and arrows in your way to attack you. So challenge in this epic infinite runner game become divine god and explore beautiful world




8.Biker Mice: Mars Attack!

Genre:Racing Developer:By 9th Impact

Bike Mice developed by 9th Impact this is a classic Bike Mice from Mars series and will takes you back to childhood memories and game is inspired from 90’s classic shows ‘Biker Mice from Mars and ‘Advance Wars’. Story of the game is Stinking fish-faced Plutarkians once attacked heavily on mars and won war began looting Mar’s resources but mission has set up to send back still resistance continues. So its your duty to save the Mars by playing role of commanders Modo, Throttle and Vinnie. and train your troops for battle, plan your strategy, equip your units.prepare your mission and be ready to attack on pultarkians and recapture your home planet.




 9.Higher Higher

Genre:Arcade Developer: Pine Entertainment


Higher Higher is a arcade game developed by Pine Entertainment, some of his great works are  Puppet Bird and Politaire. The game Higher Higher has minimal design designed by Ell Tee. Task of the game is you have to match Mr cube to color pattern in the bottom which changes randomly in next platform that goes higher and higher. The game is simple still it gives you lot of fun.



10.Cube Swing (by Appcandy)

Genre:Arcade Developer:Appcandy

The game Cube swing developed by Appcandy the game is simple with minimalist design. I love simple control types of games because we can play them anywhere or any place. Swing as far as you can by avoiding obstacles also you can choose four different game modes (normal, Hardcore, Challenging) Unlock any characters like Duck, chik, Elephant etc and achieve highest score as you can in the world.





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