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Dragon Hills- Defeat battle boss by rideing on Dragon

In this fast running games enjoy the ride of Dragon and defeat battle boss

Dragon Hills

genre:Arcade Developer:Cezary Rajkowski

Dragon Hills Developed by Cezary Rajkowski

Dragon Hill developed by Cezary Rajkowski which is action-packed adventure game this time princess is not rescued by prince instead prince set a mission with the help of Red Dragon were she was held captive in fairy tale tower. The game is easy compared to classic Super Mega Worm game. You have to join princess Mia escapes and important to command the dragon when to land underground and when to surface again, be prepare for that in the gameplay. In this epic boss battles the runner mechanics are mixed well and if you avoid attacking armed soldiers which will effect your health, so be prepared to survive as long as you can.


The fun part comes in Dragon Hill when collecting coins. when you dive down just far enough for re-surface the correct angle to fly through the line of coins. In this fast moving game collecting coins will help later on upgrades like armour, power-ups and other dragons with special abilities  can be used. The game has only single mode in Dragon Hills, The game split into  levels, that you can reach by getting levels by defeating battle boss. Game will be easy at the beginning but things start getting difficult as you move but its the fun part. By collecting coins you will survive as long as you can also be careful don’t get killed by colliding lava pools abs putting yourself into spiked defenses that the villagers have set up be careful.  dragon2

controls in the games involved  are smooth mechanics. Just tap and hold to dive, the release to surface which looks like spectacular dolphin-style flourish and a rainbow color dragon arcing over the terrified villagers below. Your  favorite red dragon can smash through houses and small knights, and lucky you’ll earn combos by causing chain reactions. Visually speaking graphics are gorgeous and stunning, Colors selection are bright and smooth finely detailed textured are used. You can find buildings, enemies, landscapes to explore. the Game center helps to unlock and few leaderboards so you can compete with your friends for highest score. Players will really enjoy the game due to addictive artstyle.

I love the game Dragon Hills with gorgeous artstyle and nice environment , You can see developers had put lots of efforts in creating this game with more charm added. Also who can resist riding Dragon games.


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