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Downwell- Fall and blast your way through danger in Downwell

Downwell-Fall and blast your way through danger in Downwell

Genre:Arcade Developer:Devolver

Downwell is developed by Devolver Digital which is retro game type about venturing deep into dangerous well. If you have a love for an old-school experience which combines infinite falling with roguelikes. The game Downwell is similar to Pocket Mine and Doug Dug when you love to play these two games then you’ll definitely try Downwell.

downwellWhen I was younger, I use to play with my Game boy handheld systems. I use to collect several of them in my collections versions such as Pocket, color, and Advance. And I use to spent hours of my days in these systems. After all they are great time wasters for every one. Most of them I played were pixel games, so I have a soft spot for the vintage look that has been made popular these days again. So when I saw Downwell for the first time in Appstore I was intriguing to try it. I was instanly reminded of my childhood, and I knew I had to get my hands on this game. I have to say I really love these kind of games.

Speaking about visual game has got classical 8-bit look and feel to it, which make to fall in love with. To add something special to retro appearance Downwell only features shades of black, white, gray and red. However game does have only minimalistic graphics and colors but the game still maintain detailed and packed with action. The characters in the game are designed well with smooth and fluid. Speaking about soundtrack of Downwell is a great joy and enjoy to listen also sound effects are fun. In Downwell players can select given five different styles, where only standard style is available while playing rest of them can be played as you show your progress in the game. Once you choose the style game starts Downwell has worlds and levels similar to Classic Mario Games, which always start with 1-1 level. If you reach bottom  which appears to be bubble which can be broken through and then move on to 1-2  and so on. The games levels are procedural generated which does’t have same structure with each run and upgrades can be picked fom randomized. but if you fail in the game you start from 1-1 world again and game has roguelike elements

The controls in the game are simple and reliant though it will take time to get use to it when you want to master. To move character left or right there are two buttons in the bottom and to jump the character you can find button at the bottom right corner. Long-press button helps to fire bullets and hover thanks to Gunboots. Gunboots are used to hold much ammo. use only how much is necessary. And also you can earn more bullets by defeating your foes and breaking certain objects as you would do in Mario and Sonic games.  Bars in the top of screen which indicate ho many hits you can take and how much ammo is left which is used later.

To move next sector break through the wall, you’ll be given three upgrade options to choose them. These choices will be always random and you get a brief description on each one before to take decision. But don’t think too much of power-ups because it will be lost once you die, which will happen a lot.

Due to its difficulty Downwell are already high in replay value and various styles of combat can be unlocked, for randomization of each run. more fun is involved in the game. To top things off there is Game Center integration for four different leaderboards

I’ve played Downwell fully so far and loving every bit of it already. The graphics style take me back to my childhood memories, the music is awesome and the controls are simple yet responsive. Overall game is a fast-paced, entertainment and lots of actions which will make you immersive on the gameplay



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