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Be Diced By Andrey Grigoryan

bediced_7Its been several years now exploring games on play store. Most of the times you get to see games which has been cloned and you get bored playing them. When I checked Be Diced, I was astounded by its uniqueness.

Be Diced has a very elegant and neat design. Be Diced – is an online board game where you will be involved in duels for the title of best dicer.



The game Be Diced has very simple rules. The Players will have two attempts to roll the dice.

In the first attempt the players will have to throw all 5 dice. In the second attempt they can select any one of the 5 dice to reroll. The player with the best result combination wins. Every match continues till two victories.

The game is very interesting and its thrilling especially during the second attempt its fun as it will decide the winner.

bediced_3 bediced_4

The game design is very elegant and will definitely appeal to most people. The wooden board has a very simple colour and it adds to the design of the game. The gameplay is incredibly smooth and fluid, so I had no issues with lag on my iPhone 6s Plus.


The controls in Be Diced are simple and easy to understand. The music and sound effects are decent enough for what it is. Like other games you have leaderboards, but in Be Diced the Weekly ranking of the best players are displayed with prizes for top players.


The are dozens of different dices available for you to choose from. I have been enjoying this fun game. I highly recommend checking out Be Diced. Its available in play store as well as app store.



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