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Crystalux puzzle game- form crystal lines inside hexagon shapes

Crystalux puzzle game- form crystal lines inside hexagon shapes and challenge your brain

Crystalux puzzle game

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Icecat

Crystalux Puzzle game developed by Icecat. Which is a unique type puzzle game which helps to stimulate your brain and for relaxation. The game takes your to a hexagonal chips to solve a puzzle by collecting patterns of colored crystals.

I love puzzle games very much because nowadays every type of games involve puzzles in it whether its action or Arcade, adventures all types of games include puzzles in it. This keeps players interested to play a games for a long time also keeps your mind sharp and chill. My love for puzzles grown after playing games like Warp Shift, Rainmaker-The Beautiful Flood. But these days I can see very less unique type of games. But I was intrigued when I saw  Crystalux puzzle game in the appstore for the first time by its minimaistic design and simple hexagonal chips style mechanics which makes the great game.


The developer made this creative Crystaluz puzzle game for brain building and for boredom killer. Your task is to move hexagonal chips by collecting creative patterns of colored crystals. and when you make a right pattern of crystals with same colors they light ups. use your imagination and  join the same color crystals or shapes that naturally connect to each other. And when right form of picture is made you pass the level, then you move to next pattern. You can enjoy total 300 levels and game will look quit simpler at the beginning. But later its complexity increases as you progress. Don’t loose your confidence because game offers you hints to complete complex patterns which will make you still challenging to complete.


Visually speaking game has aesthetic design and smooth. The colors in the game is mixer of dark and bright which executed well on retina screen and background is dark green which looks neat and subtle, animations are gorgeous with well executed. Controls looks simple and manageable anyone can pickup very easily. Game has atmospheric soundtrack and Crytalux puzzle game features simple hexagonal shapes you simply drag to the area you want and they swap position.

I suggest you to play this unique type of puzzle game which will ultimately train your brain and sharpen it, master in this challenging hexagonal chips with crystals movement. And Delightful soundtrack makes you focus on the puzzle.


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