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Color Bots-heroic robot save earth from alien invaders.

Color Bots developed by Foursaken Media your character is heroic robot save earth from alien invaders.

Color Bots

Genre:Action Developer:Foursaken Media

Color Bots is one more standard lane defense game where it creates a mix to elements together from a bunch of different genres result is impressive a little bit special. your character is heroic robot attempt to put abrupt stop to achieve goals herds of alien invaders. You can find some section of classic design its all the  mix presentation of unique and intriguing style. Task is you have to match the color of your bullets to the color your opponent aliens.

The game takes you to a different story theme and impressive part. And worst part is fingers need to play tricky else you are in trouble worng colors you match with aliens it speeds the evil invaders up. Are you sure just shooting alien invaders is only a good thing that is what you have been doing so many years. But still there
are impressive turns in game like other gaming style, and few grumbles here and there.Especially when it comes
to the boss battles game takes the casualls in your favour, this is were main part of the game alien destruction. Activate a devastating special powers and unleash a  massive arsenal in this fast-paced shooter


Once you’ve played through Color Bots you’ve seen basically everything you need to see. I mean same complains could be levied even if you’ve only experienced half of it, since you cann’t find much here in general to fiddle around because you can see only battleing to save from alien invaders. You play here who stood bottom of the screen. And from the top, a bunch of aliens are approching on your personal space is a horrivle scene a negative way. And you have to shoot them before they attack you in defense and make more damage.

Shooting involves tapping on one of the four lanes were invaders are cascadeing down. Aim and attack on four different colors of aliens and if you hit wrong then you not only loose combo power but also speeding up the them and charge towards you this is new twist in the game, which pretty impressive. The colors are arranged suitablebly for gaming style like four colors(aliens ) setted in a wheel that’s split into four quarters.


Color Bots’s control are simple and initiative swiping up, left, down, right changes your weapon to the color which is associated with that direction. You’ll also get a few ideas on the levels which your are playing currently. Levels in the games are more challenging one and force you to play longer hours and make you scarch your brain because  the  color   Bots levels are such extend makes everything bit more panic. Because early stages are very tough which is rare can also mess up your combo, and last between stages. So plan at the early stages and get good rewards helpful for progression

I really enjoy the game mechanics because when everything is right like levels it will keep entertain you and impressive work is different shooter getting into core is pretty fun. You will gain pride and satisfaction when you achieved the challenges and taking on waves comprising all four at once. Battleing bosses are very challenging one it doesn’t matter what color beams you hit them with, but you have always got waves of enemies to fight through be prepared to die you’re gona lose a lot. So better take more rewards begging of levels later stages drag you more and bosses have more powers its up to you to achieve goal.

Game entertains you with 10 enemy types and 10 bots to unlock, each character offers you diffrent ability. So game entertains you with diffrent enemies and color bots like match three games which is fresh and different concept through 120 levels. Find the solution on battle boss stagesyou will be rewarded with lots of fun.


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