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Burly Men at Sea – Three bro’s with ballon shaped beards set adventure in Scandinavia play

Burly men at sea developed by Brain & Brain were three brothers of ballon shaped beards set adventure of 20th century Scandinavia play

Burly Men at Sea

Genre:Adventure Developer:Brain&Brain

Game Burly Men at Sea game developed by Brain & Brain  is an adventure game its not only has great name but also utimate story involved  deep within and charm. Talks about three beard brothers with realistic tale and  some ultra-realistic beard physics appear in gameplay. Takes you to new adventure environment with great trill experience. The games tale is inspired from 20th-century Scandinavia folklore which impresseive mechanics  And visual design is inspired from Doggins game from same developer. This game looks 2-D dimensional and simplistic art with tricky beast to balance from both husband and wife have pulled it off wonderfuly.

Burly mean at sea inevitables part of three bulky fisherman, and there names can be decided from there impressive facial hair story goes behind 12-th century Scandinavian waters which explore beautiful presenation in the adventure game. Act as reciprocal instead of controlling the characters you are tasked with interacting with the environment and experiencing the beauty of game which is like narrator for the game this narrative features leads to various paths and brings entire sea view in the game so its called Burly men at sea also proves itself replay value. Games heads off you to piano-driven supplements to the light colourful graphic design which adds charm to the game and story. the story takes you ,to encounter various different creatures from folklore.

The story reminds me of children’s books with well designed , the artstyle , Snippets of text and colorful with story work all together to create the sense of particular events or objects. And you come across various animal creatures jellyfish, bear and  happy little puffin guy, seal many more. Task of the game is three brothers named Hasty Beard, Brave Beard and Steady Beard Burly Men at Sea is a folktale about a trio of large, bearded fishermen who step away from the ordinary to seek adventure. You play through multiple adventures with each designed to complete in a single sitting. And you have to shape the narrative through interaction with various bunch of characters and get familiar through world around them. which creates inside a draggable, interactive environment around three ungainly heroes, they find an empty-looking map and head out to sea to investigate further.



I recommand to play this narrative game with three beard heroes with great sound effects. You can enjoy birds flitting between perches but if you hear careful its human-voiced mimicries, not synthesized effects. This turns out to be brilliant game  by the developer and efforts of team executed pretty well. With handcrafted animation and whimsical original soundtrack inspired by the game’s Scandinavian setting, thanks to composers Plied Sound. And game keeps you hooke for long time



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