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Battle Plans – Enjoy the Real time strategists in this epic battle

Battleplans developed by C4m enjoy this Real time strategists.

Battle Plans

Genre:Strategy Developer:C4M

The game Battle Plans developed by C4M which has a great artstyle in mobile strategy game. Its a fast paces RTS with some MOBA inspiration which is really good. This is a game with good tutorials of the combat system and you are chosen as hero  with little squad of spear wielding and jawas things. Main goals of the game is wrestling in the clutches of the supposedly evil skulls tribe and freeing Mason. You can achieve by capturing crystals on the map by end of sixty second timer. You can obtain crystals by marching units into their little zones of control. The ideas involved in the game are not smart, which is separate of attack and defence and adding troops to your opponents gives a feeling of your are in charge of other .


You play a game in an island base and a couple of heroes. And these heroes will form small units of troops to battle. when you play can unlock more heroes, also gaint turtles can join the battles. You can form more troop forms as well and make tough army on your side.You can battle with troops in small regions, and each can have three crystals present in it. Just try to win the crystals and win the troop. Have two crystals of them in your possession and when time runs out of your hands you’ll win as well. You play against opponents and also enjoy playing with other. If your planning friends, its like you are playing against series of defences they’ve setup to keep you from winning. But cann’t  conquer other player’s bases, but can control certain location from them. You can find interesting thing here, if you battle in clever way then you can move in large number the computer opponents then you can win easily by no of strength.


you just get to place your units when you’re defending your opponents. Also instruct them where you need to go. Each level has various route you can choose to obtain crystals. And you don’t have so much units to cover at the same interval of time. By dragging a banner around informs your units where you have to move, also you can delay it. So you can just watch what opponents will do to you. Make sure your heroes and their army are at safe place and time.

There are difficulty in game as well. You can double back patrol diifferent routes or leave not visible units ready to attack any enemies that slip across them. And just try your defence by attacking on opponents to see any weeker points



I feel game isn’t perfect but does some tactful job by transferring difficult levels into formate that doesn’t allow complex inputs. Sometimes by chance you can see timers are waited but a usually a new force to take on a stronghold to attack with an minute. Throw a lavish coat of paint and controls which allows  to move your  troops into ease, and you can be left with mobile RTS which will manage to strike the right chords.

Players might feel battle mechanics are bit complex, I feel plotting your foes downfall is an interesting part in the game. Battleplans cann’t say anything wrong but if you want normal RTS then there is more to it the bones than the competition its worth playing this game.

Visually speaking has aesthetic design and with cartoonist look and colors are ranged from smooth to rich one and animations are smooth and superb. Controls are simple and easy and basic one overall its a complete package of fun and entertainment.



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