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Avenge Fall- Can you survive in this fast action-packed game

Avenge Fall So show your skills in this fast falling arcade game

Avenge Fall

Avenge Fall developed by Darius Immanuel Guerrero

Avenge Fall game developed by Darius Immanuel Guerrero which is a unique type and challenging one. And enjoy the thrill of action packed in fast and intense fall of game Avenge fall. The game is inspired from Monument Rush2 which is not entirely same but bit different just developer used the same character from Monument Rush2. If you want to fly like superman or batman then this game is for you. But you are not flying you are falling from sky.


These days I love unique games other than puzzle or match three games So when I saw Avenge Fall for the first time market I was intrigued by its style and attracted towards its minimal design, with simple mechanics. Arcade games can be played anywhere anytime to spend our free time. visually speaking game has aesthetic view with simple looks and colors selected are bright and neat with cool animation and simpler controls. Graphics used in the game are soft with detailed textures, atmospheric soundtrack, controls are basic and simple just the direction you want to move fall right or left tap on the screen.

The game looks very challengeing and keeps the thrill to play the game again and again, you keep dieng many times. So be careful while falling down you will come across many obstacles like robot dinosaurs and flying objects or robots so keep moving until you reach your goal in this fast falling action-packed game. Its always better to plan well before playing this game because beginning your levels will be easy as you show progress in the game levels will be tougher with more obstacles.

I suggest you to play this fast -falling game once which is full of thrill and exicitement. Game  will tests your reflexive skills and patience. Play many time you will sure become a master in Avenge Fall game also Can you survive in this endless falling game



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