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Asterix and Friends-Build demolished village explore Asterix’z world

Asterix and Friends- Build demolished village explore Asterix’z world and complete exciting quests.

Asterix and Friends

genre: Developer:BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe

The game Asterix and Friends developed by By BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe feel like game is inspired from clash of clans these charcters are famous from past one year don’t get confused because this time its Asterix and friends. Asterix is valiant character which was already made its fame in PC now its heading towards mobile.

The game takes you to build a demolished village and you are responsible to build back up again and recruite band of gauls, to helpand  fight against Roman army. So build village again collect the resources from neighbouring environment  like harvesing wheat, breaking rocks, cutting down trees so on. There are some fantastic features, rewards are given for daily logins and and manageing all that acts as energy bar for the game. Battles with your roman opponents just tapping on soldier you want to tackle. And send heroes to war and make sure you have selected the right one.


You can also compete with your friends and their goals in other villages online by setting up your own heros to defend your villages and take on others. and set up , join groups to trade the resources with others and take enemy groups on competition. I feel game is simple and easy to pick up if you have played before classic french cartoons. The games main goals is to build demolished city with good mechanics to keep you busy and build back up village to its glory and you can find plenty of resources around which meet your goals and food for early days. just concentrate on running out of time and health in the game. There are lots of things available in the game which keeps you busy.


Overall speaking about game, has nice asthetic design with cartoonish character. Animation in the game are smooth and fluid with bright colors rangeing from soft pastels to rich textures. Game takes you plenty in depth to keep you busy and thrill in Asterix and friends. This game make you feel with new fresh and interesting concept not easy to win who isn’t inclined toward the genre just try once I’m in my early stages.



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