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Jelly Reef-Journey to the bottom of the ocean in JellyReef, roguelike puzzle

Journey to the bottom of the ocean in JellyReef, a gorgeous roguelike puzzle

Jelly Reef

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Game Oven

Jelly Reef is developed by Game Oven which is a gorgeous, procedurally generated roguelike adventure game. This will take you to the pack of jellyfish to the end of their journey. If you ever played games like physics-based volt or Deep under the sky you will definitely like about Jelly reef in the store.

Talking about mobile games I enjoy puzzle with relaxing games which is also challenging one, as my mind wouldn’t agree to relax unless it is bit busy. That why I enjoy rouguelike games very much, because they are relaxing and lots of fun which will test your patience and with skill. So when I was browsing for some one year interesting games over the weekend, I was stunned upon jelly Reef and decided to give it a try. I can guarantee you will not  get disappointed.

Visually speaking this is really beautiful and will look great on any Retina screen. The underwater view no words to explain, with plenty of textures and fine details and the colors are nice with bright, making everything seems rich and welcoming. The sea life is bubbly and strange which adds extra charm to the game, animation are buttery smooth and fluid on out iphone 6s. The soundtrack is very relaxing and calm of the game making everything perfect I want to make kick back after a long days. And on top of it all looks neat and realistic ocean with great sound effects make you feel inside the sea.


Jelly Reef has a different worlds and levels and you need to guide jellyfish pack from one end of the ocean to the other on their journey to the bottom of the sea. But things are bit different from other games, each stage of the game are randomly generated and you can see multiple paths to travel other way. In level selection screen you can check the starting point of the game with the main objective isto reach the tile with the circle, how to get there it depend upon us. Sometimes the game will shows you some path but other times you should have skill to put together  and find out your own. Regardless which way to choose the goal is simple:instruct jelly fish to their goal and stay alive inside ocean. but its very dangerous after all and jellyfish are very low on foodchain.

The Controls in the game are not more simple. Because you are controlling ocean’s currents that will take the jellyfish, all you need to do is swipe the jelly in the direction which you want them to swim. Along the way, you’ll find more eggs of jellyfish which you can hatch and add to your collections. It sounds easy when you take various factor into account, such as resistance, if you swim near plants they will slow you down and stronger sea creatures are hungry which will make things fairly difficult quickly. There is no life indicator I got to know when your jelly fish die when they are eaten or hit by other dangerous sea. When you run out of jellyfish then you start at beginning so make sure to gather many jellyfish as possible.

The game is already on replay value and procedurally generated world. There is also Game Center integration for achievement of game and I’m really enjoying jellyfish with spectacular world and great relaxing music with simple gameplay concept and also challenging one.



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