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Zone of Fire By Elliott Lee [Review]

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 3.30.16 PMZone of Fire is an exciting and challenging game by Elliot Lee. It was in my high school days that my love for fantasy began to thrive.  I loved to run into fantasy world to break free from a hectic high school life.


Even though I love playing puzzle games a lot, sometimes I just want games where I can endlessly kill things without putting much thought to it. It also helps me to break free from my stressful responsibilities of my adulthood.  And Zone of Fire is one of those games which falls into this category of games.


The design of the Game Zone of Fire is very excellent, it is very elegant and clean. The greens in the background looks nice and lush. The sound track is also magnificent. The controls in the game are responsive and simple.

In Zone of Fire you will play the role of commander of the western sector for the Allied Confederation and prevent the enemy from braking through the weakened defense. You are supposed to prevent the advancement of the Shadow Front.

The Shadow Front will send tanks, jeeps, choppers, bombers and mechs through your sector in an attempt to change the course of war.

zoneoffire_3In Zone of Fire there are 20 levels and 3 difficulty settings. As you progress the thrill increases. There are two modes in the game, Normal Mode to play for 10 minutes and Epic mode which lasts for 20-30 minutes.

The enemy units will try to destroy your tower by firing on it. However you can choose to repair them for a small amount of money.

zoneoffire_4You have to build your defense. You can build  flamethrower, machine gun, missile, laser, plasma towers and more as best you can to stop the enemy onslaught. Your towers must stop the Shadow Front in the critical Zone of Fire.

I enjoy playing Zone of Fire and its worth checking out. It is available in app store and also available in google play store.


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