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Word Invaders Will Enter the GalaxySoon .

Prepare Yourself, Word Invaders Will Enter the GalaxySoon What happens when you mix a word game with Space Invaders? , releasing on Aug 25.

Word invaders

Keeping about today’s genre-blending theme, There is one more upcoming game which grabbed many attention called word Invaders, you can guess from title itself word games with classic invaders style gameplay. But I guess you will be wondering how to play this game well your job is to make as many words as possible from the selection of letters which you’re given. But you need to deal with invaders very cleverly they are constantly flying over and shooting your letters. This is not a slow-paced word game, you should be on your toes in word invaders as precious letters can be blasted in the blink of an eye.

How do you play?

You will be given seven letters and you need to form words with them. The twist comes in when invaders start shooting at your letters to eliminate them before you can form the letter.

When it is launching?

According to the DreamWalk Twitter page, the game will be launched for both iOS and Android on Aug. 25. Details regarding pricing and device compatibility were not readily available at the time of this article.

Is it one to look forward to?

Word invaders is definitely worth checking out once it is available in both and are level-based and score based gameplay, You feel the game is really challenging yourself. And you will like the game where quick wording is a key then you will love this game. Form the words before they blown away by invaders will bring fun and twist.


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