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Top 10 Mobile games of Aug 2016

Top 10 Mobile Games of the week Aug 2016 Like Reigns, Journey Below, Looty Dungeons and The Manga works a many more


Genre:Card Developer:Devolver Digit


Reigns is our Top games of the week. Due to its concept of the game and task is to basically swipe left or right to make decisions by cards, on the basis of ruling kingdom Nerial and company have developed the game such a way that each decision we make feels weighty. And there’s  an curiosity with long term game here, with many secrets to uncover and goal is to reach and win. How reigns works is that it gives various option to deal with various characters which will affect your kingdom. Like Witch could request your help and it could rise your standing with people also and lower your standing with the church. Or head priest might ask build a new church, if you agree he will gives more favor to you. You have to deal with people, Witch, Pope and take right decision this will have impact on kingdom with your decisions  using cards. Game makes you feel like you’re working towards discovering something bigger and working towards this huge goal makes you handle various aspect of your kingdom.



2.journey below

genre:Action Developer:Ravenous Games Inc

The main task is to Kill the monster and save the Kingdom, The game journey below is easy to play with only two controls jumping and attacking and eliminating various creatures encountered within twelve levels, he has to face many obstacles like moves left and right until wall directs them in the opposite direction. Flying animal attacks you and cannons that fire projectiles around the screen. Ghosts can travel through walls to attack players. You have to move on by facing all this creatures and discovering the secrets of dungeon is not a main aim but also to achieve a high score and a impressive combo system implores quick action within each level, due to this score multiplier will increase by 0.1 and if you don’t kill creature on time it will drop back to x1.0 this means its risky to kill enemies. Bad  point about the game is it lacks certain aspects of the game like the upgrade system at the end you need to choose 1 of 3 abilities at the each level such as increasing your health, restoring the like knight, raising score of multiplier isn’t as memorable as in Downwell. you’re likely to collect the majority of them by the end of a successful run.


3.Looty Dungeons


Genre:Action Developer:Taco Illuminati LLC

Your journey in this gameplay is endless dungeons and fight with epic boss were you can choose unique heroes of many kinds with there special abilities. And can experience lots of thrill in this dungeon environment . Along the way you come across full of traps and cruel monsters and bosses to face at the end. This game support all modern devices in any direction from Iphone 5 to ipadpro


4.The manga works

Genre:Simulation Developer:Kairosoft Co.,Ltd


The black sheep is a professor she will teach manga and will support you become a manga artist within next 5 years. You can start manga with tap draw manga button and write your favorite topic like animals, Monsters, Witches, cooking or anything which is of your choice write a manga day and night meet the deadlines and complete the manga and take near publisher he will check whether its qualifies the criteria or not if selected it will be published in magazines and your book become the best author in the manga world. Choose topics in theme and if your Manga fails professor will train you well and she will assist you throughout your game.




Genre:Arcade Developer:Pomelo Games


You will be travelling on Mars with the group of volunteers on an exciting mission to mars. You will be given jetpacks to explore around mars. The fuel will lasts on 30 seconds within specific period of time you need to succeed and  explore as many possible things you can. You can take help of professional astronauts they will guide you necessary information like  No sane person would travel across space on that thing” or the fuel will be exhausted within 30 seconds in that jetpack. This a venture game where you can make history by exploring to mars and take selfies and sightings.


6.Tracky Train

Genre:Family Developer:Crash Lab Limited


In tracky train game you can enjoy beautiful landscapes with thrilling train ride and make a track by speeding train following you and lead the train past passengers to pick up them and fill the passengers. And indicator in the top right of the screen tells you how full is the passenger and you should lead the train near platform to drop the passengers and earn more coins to unlock the upgrades levels and  new trains and Earn more coins to slow the train and by filling more passengers.



Genre:Arcade Developer:Playgendary


Bowmaster is a shooter game with a brand new version of the world famous game with a bowmen. Enjoy this game by Aiming birds, animals and fruits down, defeat your enemies and you can choose 30 different insane characters from all dimension for free even you can compete with your friends and show them your highest score. And 31 different weapons. You will be rewarded endless for your shotting skills with your bow.


8.Primal Legends
Genre:Strategy  Developer:Kobojo


 This game is about You pick a hero and attack with your  army comprised of warriors which correspond to the colors on the game board. Train them by making matches on the board that attack your opponent’s board. when your army is fully charged drag them onto the board for a powerful hit and head to guardhouse To check out the heroes you have collected and each has a special ability can be upgraded using gold you received throughout your levels. If you win the battles you will receive treasure chests that is stored in locksmith’s care. This is used throughout your quest such as rubies, XP, gold which are really worth in the game. You can find the tutorial which will help you at the beginning. Primal Legends has a fantastic graphics and sound effects.



 9.George the scared of Dark
Genre:Arcade  Developer: Wall West Ltd

This game looks easy but very difficult to reach to the end. And the game looks spooky yet beautiful, there is no easy mode just do or die. Task is to help george to conquer his fear in this beautiful world of dark, with his  mysterious spirit friend who will guide him along the way . And he has to get lighthouse so that  find the key and open the door of the house along the way in this platformer game clear all the obstacles to reach end of the game .
10.Super Stickman Golf 3
 Genre:Action   Developer:Noodlecake

Its the 3rd installment of Legendary Super Stickman Golf Series and is developed by Noodle cake studios Inc. If you love playing other two series then you will definitely enjoy 3rd golf puzzle. I really feel lazy to play Golf game unless it is miniature golf because its a slow game. But now you can enjoy with your family and friends with digital stickman golf. And if you speak about graphics its bright and cartoonish the details and textures have evolved to match modern titles, so here it is which will make you play again and again. In SSMG3 you can choose any one game modes from single player with 5 different tour difficult’s .This game consists of  4 different tour courses of each course features a different environment and nine holes to complete when you reach a goal, you can also earn gold star medal. This game is simple to pick up but difficult to master. You want to customize and unlock collectibles then SSMG3 is packed full of everything. If you unlock the hats that will help you give special bonus effects to your game like Airbrake activations, longer Shield Ball duration, and showing you a shot preview before you swing and many more.