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Top 10 Mobile games of the week

Here are list of top 10 mobile games of the week, I hope you enjoy these awesome games.

1.ReRunners: Race for the World’


Genre:Racing Developer:Game Alliance


Rerunners is a multiplayer platform game and this game is a package of fun, smooth and outstanding graphics, also you can customize your character and upgrade them. Your task is to jump, run and carry different items while running like speed boosts, mines and bombs and compete with strange characters, humans and animals. There are total 60 unique levels you can play.

2.Bulb boy



Genre:Adventure Developer:Daedalic Entertainment Gmbh

Bulb boy is a point and click 2D an adventure game about a boy with a glowing head and one gloomy night he wakes up suddenly from a nightmare and discovers his house was overshadowed by evil like all of the sudden weird arms coming out of the walls, giant headless chickens and giant poop monster. His family members are disappeared and there are dangerous monsters everywhere. He needs to save his grandfather and Mothdog from evil hands using his glass head.

3.Duck Roll

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Mamau



Duck Roll is a challenging and interesting puzzle game. Just Roll, push and blast your way through 100+ variety of puzzles with great and neat graphics, unique challenges and many tools to master and learn. This is the puzzle you have been looking for and have fun.

4.Tanker Island


Genre:Adventure developer:Kongregate



Tinker island is an adventurous game were your shipwrecked on a deserted island. You need to guide the survivors to escape from lost paradise and explore the mysteries of island, forage treasures. Fight against enemies when in danger that are hidden behind every bush. Explore resources to survive, build a base and upgrade structure, craft weapons and tools discover new secrets in tinkle island.




Blyss is a beautiful puzzle game featuring mountains, deserts and valleys solving in a unique style. You experience pleasant background music while playing unlimited puzzle game. The game has 3 exciting and challenging modes featuring leaderboards for every game modes, and has a handcrafted missions to keep the thrill going on the game. Overall its a beautiful gameplay with unlimited puzzles and serene visuals.

6.Battle Champs

Genre:Strategy Release Date:07/12/2016



Champs Battle:is a strategy game and there are rough and tumble creatures that will help you throughout along your way to fight against giant creatures and clear tough levels to win crowns. Task is to train your champs to battle against powerful giants and discover the secrets of the royal family and the alchemist Nia’s father.

7.Total War Battles: KINGDOM

Genre:Strategy  Release date:03/21/2016



This Game is free to download and play. The game is all about building your kingdom and expanding it by conquering new territories and by defeating enemy lords, shaping your land and train a powerful army to start your next journey. Game features battle with other players in real-time.

8.Dead Venture

Genre:Racing Developer:DogByte Games



Dead Venture:This game is all about save yourself from zombies with your mounted gun. The world is infected by Zombies and human race all most come to an end. Zombies roam freely in the streets and only few handful of survivors fight their way for safety, no military base will save you since they are in far island. Play the game in story mode with 8 chapters and upgrade your car and guns.

9.Blast Blitz

Genre:Arcade    Developer:Poly Pandas


Blast Blitz:were you travel in an infinite maze surrounded by full of obstacles and enemies clear your way through dropping bombs, kicking bombs and blasting them. You can use awesome power-ups and destroy walls to make your path better.

10.Tiny Traps

Genre:Arcade Developer:Dane Flighty



Tiny Traps is an Addictive game and super fun were its an infinite runner makes you run, jump and slide to avoid unnessary  traps from hungry shraks,nlazer beams and eat icecreams to unlock fun characters.

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