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Top 10 Mobile games of Aug 2016

Here is a list of Top 10 mobile games of the week, Enjoy these awesome games.

1.RedStory Little Red Riding Hood



The Game has received lots of attention due to its gorgeous graphic design and fantastic Animations with cute little character. RedStory Little Red Riding Hood is all about the story of girl and wolve, The wolve stole the map showing location to grandma’s house we must warn her quick as soon as possible to avoid the pitfalls the wolves left on the way through her way  she swing, cut and climb through. We should guide her to gradma’s home. The game has got Captivating music and incredible atmosphere.


Genre:Puzzle Developer:Noumenon Games

Your goal is to collect each fruit in a every level and game becomes much easier learning Some of the tricks like ‘Hook’ which can save your snakebird from death, when moving off on cliffs to take on some reach out fruits. Levels will become more complicated when more birds are added to the mix and the fact that you need to completely learn new concepts from scratch, like move smoothly on top of fruit without eating it to use it as a makeshift platform and the game will move on with pushing, lifting, and transporting between snakebirds.



3.The Witching Hour

This is a challenging game in the midnight when clock strikes, the world becomes dark and dangerous, throughout your way you will come across Powerful Demons, witches, and black magic and enjoy 3 different game worlds each with 10 levels. Guide your hero through 30 unique levels and survive at the night. The world after night comes  to life with frighting visual effects.



4.Time Locker

Genre:Action Developer:sotaro otsuka

Time Locker is a shooter game where he as to shoot Hordes of animals which will come along his way enemies can run horizontally , vertical, backward and in between. Player can defend army of birds or elephants using three types of shots wide shot, a beam and an ice shot. If a player upgrade weapons during run time it will sustain throughout the game. Game will become more challenging when enemies become more aggressive, often shooting or rampaging at towards players. When boss fights takes place. Players has to figure out how to destroy a powerful enemy with higher hit points who is rampaging towards them. The game is controlled by the speed of your finger when you stop, so does time.


5.Guild of Dungeoneering

Genre:Role Playing Developer:Versus Evil

Dungeoneering is a unique game instead of you controlling the hero you’re tasked to build dungeon around him using cards on your dungeon floor, you lay down monsters, rooms, traps and of course loot and in the meantime your hero will decide where to go and fight. Manage your guild well and spend your hard earned glory wisely to level up and unlock more rooms and equipment’s. Beat the harder dungeons as you progress and improve your guild and take down the ultimate dungeon overlord. You can lay down room tiles to create paths and make sure adjacent door exits are connected, and you can lay down tiles that contain gold, as they draw heroes near them.


6.Risky Bee

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Risky Bee

Collect honeycombs to increase your score and you will be come across 10 obstacles at a time with an ever-increasing speed. Then you can decide whether you want to keep playing the game to reach high score. Be careful if you hit an obstacle your score resets to 0. There are few features in the game like test your skills by unlocking all 10 achievements, icloud saves your current game and Best Scores. Share your best scores through your friends.


7.Love You To Bits


Genre:Puzzle Developer:Alike Studio

Love you to bits is a point and click puzzle come  adventure game, player will take a role of Kosmo and help him to solve puzzles throughout his journey, by discovering new planets and life forms, the Quest is to collect the broken pieces of nova later to rebuilt her. Love you to Bits is a point and click puzzle game that tells the story of Kosmo, a heavy space explorer, who is in love with his girlfriend nova. As they travel in the space together, a fatal accident scatters Nova’s bits across the galaxy and sad Kosmo will set a quest to find the bits and collect them and rebuild her to be together again.


8.Motor World: Bike Factory


This is about built and ride on your favorite bike on the open road which is your playground. Manufacture uncommon motorcycles, with unique models and build, upgrade your shops, make your workers happy. Fulfill the demands of the clients and Become the best manufacturer ever. Also you can upgrade factory and shops to attract customers and challenge your friends in races.




Genre:Simulation  Developer:IDLE idea factory

 Deep in the Ocean,s abyss where all is quiet their lives one lonely Corallite. Make friends with lonely Corallite as the Corallite grows, new fish and coral appears all around. You can enjoy the view of some small fishes to big whales and the world of abyss. When new life’s are created it looks still more beautiful and stunning. Enjoy watching new creations in deep ocean with beautiful background music and you can create coral and fish with just one simple tap. You can play a photography mode were you can easily switch angles and observe the fish.



10.Axe and Fate 2 3D RPG

Genre:Role Playing Development:Mastermodeling


Axe and fate 2 is a developed by true game experts who have been developing board games for over past 15 years. Its a RPG game with classic game mechanics and well balanced scoring system. It is a first person turn-based Dungeon Crawler with unique controls letting you deeply into the world of 3D gaming via your mobile device. You will come across vast dungeons, mysterious secrets, quests and exciting temples with numerous chests and you’ll face sudden attacks of ghosts, bats, skeleton and many more. New players able to learn the basics from tutorial and later your strategy, tactics, experience and wisdom will help you to achieve your goals. You’ll have weapons like archery, wizardry, melee and many other skills to face the challenging task.




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