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To The Throne developed by Raredrop Games Ltd, check out if you are a fan of retro-inspired puzzle games.

To The throne developed by Raredrop Games Ltd,  check out ‘To The Throne’ game if you are a fan of  retro-inspired puzzle games.


Genre:Puzzle Developer:Raredrop Games Ltd

To The throne is a retro inspired minimalist puzzle game, if you think you want a game which is full of charm then To The Throne is definitely that you should pick this week. Since when i grew up as a 90’s kid, i use to play whatever games were available those days. So even with all the advances in modern video game graphics. I always remember for classic retro pixel art style games in my heart. So when I saw The game To The throne in appstore i thought of writing about it. This is a serious game puzzle game and reminds me Blitz Braker game . And Graphics visuals in To the throne is fully high-Quality and delightful will take back to 90’s again with simple pixel design. But are still detailed enough to look modern style. The color palette of bright and dark green screams retro and  bit bolder than what i remembered in golden days of gaming. There also different design in the background of the area a young king find his true throne.  And game as amazing medieval soundtrack which  is melodious to listen Raredrop games did a great job in recreating the classic Game Boy-style into a challenging puzzle game.

This puzzle is level based atleast there are 52 levels spread out in 6 different areas. The king Kingsly who has to overcome the difficult trails in order to earn true throne with the help of the advisor, Bitsworth. The Game starts out in simple way but has you go advance you find pretty tricky to solve the puzzles. The main aim of each stage is to reach the throne, and collect any piece of shattered Royal Emblem that you come across in your way. However reaching to the throne is usually situated some unmovable blocks, move them to different spot to create path to the throne. In the bottom left section of the screen you can find directional button just tap to move turn left or right. To pick up the blocks tap on the button in the bottom right corner. When advisor Bitsworth speaks, (he loves to give advice )You can continue the dialogue by tapping on the speech button or skip the decline button. You start the task picking white blocks and put down right in front of you . But then You’ll find black blocks that are not place in midair, clear the blocks and many more when each new type blocks is appear need to think before lifting it up to solve the puzzle.


Things can be even more challenging when each level shows timer at the top as well as records how many moves you have done with the blocks not with character. you will be rewarded 3 stars depending upon the moves. You need to finish puzzle as soon as possible or use few moves as possible this will decide your final score. I recommend to check out, To The Throne game if you are a fan of  retro-inspired puzzle games.