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Telepaint by Acid Nerve, make your world colorful mess.

Solve puzzles and make a colorful mess in the charming Telepaint.

Telepaint by Acid Nerve

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Acid Nerve

Telepaint is developed by Acid Nerve is a cute little puzzle game which consists of buckets of paint and colorful messes. If your looking for something interesting game then check out on weekend, then Telepaint is worth to play. Due to my stressful events in office from past few weeks I am very tired now I still turn on my video games to help take my mind off the things. I always love to explore interesting games on the appstore suddenly I found Telepaint puzzle so thought of picking it and it was fantastic. Visually Telepaint is gorgeous with combination of retro pixelated graphics that will remind you your childhood memories as well as old-school television screen overlay,  with flickering lines. The game uses RPG colors and static that can be seen on old televisions. And developers didn’t miss a simple thing when developing the unique aesthetic. Animations in the game is smooth and fluid with no lag on iphone 6s plus. The quirky chiptune soundtrack is a joy to hear and a game does have a bit of rhythmic puzzle solving going on, thus the music helps. And the dancing sound effects that sync with your movements and explosive colors.


Like most puzzle games Telepaint also has 6 different worlds which has there own set of levels within. Right at the moment you have 100 stages to paint on your way through, so you get a good value for bucket this can help several levels will be unlocked at a time, and later levels wouldn’t be available until you solve the current ones. And more will be added in the future, The task in each stage is to help paint bucket to meet paintbrush, and when things start pretty easy enough later complexity of the puzzles will increase like tricky and messy situation. You have to escape from dangers explosives and spikes while grabbing keys to unlock for paintbrush, using anti-gravity switches to get around obstacles and many more. As you get further into game new Technics are added with more challenges.

The controls in Telepaint are easy but you have to keep on trying to get the hold. The little bucket will walk automatically when level starts, so don,t worry. If it runs to the wall then it will turn around and change direction . So you need to figure out ways to achieve it. To make paint bucket nearer to spikes, you have to make use of the colored portals that are scattered on the levels – just Tap on the portal square to get activated. And open up another portal for bucket to go out other side as well, otherwise you face trouble. Colors of portal is not a problem but only 2 portals open at one time. When you open third portal the first one will close. The portals close automatically once bucket pass by. Tap them again to when you need them. Figure out the obstacles on the first stage then find out the portals for you to reach paintbrush safely.

 If you feel bucket is slow use fast-forward button to speed things up, and unfortunatly if your bucket dies just tap the rewind button to restart. With the help of pause and stop button you can also pause or access the menu. If you choose to pause still able to activate the portals, so take advantage of that for planning ahead of time. when bucket passes through each portal it leaves a splash of color, so end will be mess and pretty cool.

I’ve spent bit more time on Telepaint and must say I am really impressed by the game play. Not only speaking about graphics but also game runs at smoothness of 60 fps, and change to 30fps if required. The music is really excellent which is really fun to listen. The simple one-touch controls for the portals is understood, so dont worry of being anything complicated just play games. Because there is no star system in the game. Replay option is very less but many levels you can play. I wish for a more levels because I have a plan to keep the game in a device for a long time.

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