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Spectrum 6 – You Need to Know Your Colors to Solve this Puzzle game

You Need to Know Your Colors to Solve the Puzzles of Spectrum 6

Spectrum 6

Genre:puzzle Developer:Marc Joel Jamero

Spectrum 6 is developed by Marc Joel Jamero the game describes mixing up all colors and getting them in right place. I think if you enjoyed playing beautiful landscape games like Threes and Blyss then you would try little messy with color spectrum you would really enjoy Spectrum6, this puzzle game offers new mechanics gameplay.

I’ve played plenty of games during my time around here, but one thing continues of my interest my playing puzzle games. Because after long busy day, I just want to take a break that doesn’t stress me out too but still giving me challenge to keep my mind busy many puzzle games have come and gone but still my hunt for interesting puzzles have not stopped I found spectrum 6 quit interesting and simple look but challenging one. This puzzle is a stimulates your brain so don’t miss it.


Visually Spectrum 6 has a neat and clean aesthetic its also got pleasing views to the eyes. And the background features calm color gradients that help with putting you mind into relief tiles are nice and clean with featuring a bit of depth in them. Inf act game is similar to Threes. But that’s not a bad thing Theme of the game is different has bright and vibrant colors, with typography is easy to pickup plus icons are easily recognizable. The animation of the game are buttery smooth and fluid with games concept is nice different colors mixed together and transition into new shade. Unfortunately games soundtrack is only played when you select the levels and no longer plays when you are solving puzzles. you can choose ant music of your type, At the moment , spectrum 6 contains 63 levels that are spread out in 9 different chapters and you can refer tutorials that shows you the ropes . The objective of the game is to mix colors and assign colors to specific grid and tell the dot color on the spaces. And you can tell dot color on the spaces. you have to know which primary colors like red, yellow, and blue are needed to make secondary colors like orange, green and voilet you have to get the to their right  spots without destroying other colors along the way. you dont have to get lost about primary or secondary colors you can refer bottom of the screen.

Controls of the Spectrum 6 are easy to understand, and master them is a tricky part. Just tap on the color square to get them split up and fill the four adjacent spaces around it. Land both colors in the same square to mix two primary colors. Once secondary colors are made you can move to primary colors as well . And if you try to mix all primary colors you get black when all of the colors are in proper spot you have cleared the level and move to next level.

You will get 3 stars if you solve it in fewest moves possible and end up with more moves as you’ll lose a star or two it depends how you perform. Games sounds easy at the start and requires a lot of planning to master it and you will provide with hints when you get stuck and will cost some hint coins to activate them and earn more coins as you successfully solve the puzzle . The best part in Spectrum 6’s hint system is the fact that no in-app purchase for hints also can earn stars with the perfect play. And require stars to unlock future chapter.

I just found out Spectrum 6 to be challenging one and fun way to pass a time. it looks great with  minimalistic design and music and sounds are delightful with simple controls. The game  can be improved by having music play during the puzzles.



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