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Shadow Bug – Become one with the ways of the ninja

Become one with the ways of the ninja in Shadow Bug

Shadow Bug

Genre:Action Developer:Muro Studios Ltd.

Shadow Bud is developed by Muro Studios Ltd. is fantastic action platformer game. If you love dark and mysterious environment in your puzzle games like Red Game , Limbo or without A great Name and follow up Green Game TimeSwapper then you’re going to love shadow Bug, despite the fact that it differs from other a bit.

Even since Limbo hit various platforms everywhere, the scope of dark and gloomy silhouette-heavy games has grown steadily, and I am a fan of this unique art style, as I found that the games that fall in this category are rather immersive, unpleasant and just fun. When I heard of Shadow Bug I was really surprised by its hand drawn artstyle, and it looked as a pack of lots of action. Visually, Shadow Bug is stunning beautiful. While the characters are silhouette. The game standout due to the hand drawn environments of the background.  The art of the game looks exquisite and plenty of details. so obvious that the developers have put lots of efforts to the game. The colors in the game they range from soft pastels to bold, vibrant hues to dinky grays and inky blacks.


The main character and all enemies stand in your way appears like various black blobs of some kind, their forms stretch from simple to complex, especially the flying enemies. Animations are smooth and fluid with no lag on iphone 6 plus. The soundtrack has a east asia tone to it and the sounds effects are nice finishing touch to the games’s visual . In all honestly, Shadow Bug is one of the most fantastic and great combat game.

Shadow Bug provides players with several different chapters has 8 chapters each, with boss fighting.  In Shadow Bug, players take control of an overpowered ninja hero named Shadow Bug. A evil factory nearby his home has caused may harm by invading his home forest and its his job to take it back by slicing those creatures into pieces. In each stage, you’ll have to slice- and dice your way through the opponents while reaching the gate till end. sometimes it’s rather straightforward and other times a you have to solve the puzzle and sometimes you have to be quick on your toes to survive.

The greatest thing about Shadow Bug is that you required only one hand to play. To make Shadow Bug move left and right just tap and hold exactly half of the screen. When an enemy appears just tap to attack. Shadow Bug instantly twist over the target, so that you overcome obstacles and make your way to gate. So you have to track your time for attacking carefully, as sometimes you’ll have to perform a series of attacks in order to reach next level. Otherwise you have to face a death on spikes or other hazard. when you are in the air hold long press on the left or right side of the screen to fall on specific direction.

Once you reach the end point or gate, you’ll be awarded up to three shurikens for completion of levels, finishing within limit period and getting all of the glowing white orbs that are floating around. If you fail you have to go back same level and master them. If you’re a perfectionist then there are some rewards. The longevity of game increases when there is a GCI for leaderboards and achievements. If you want to share your game moment then full screen recording capabilities were added recently in IOS.

I am enjoying the game a lot, the graphics are some of the most beautiful I have even seen in a game lately and the beauty of the backgrounds is subtle but immersive. Music is really fantastic to listen. Controls are simple enough for anyone to pick up and play the game but difficult to master. This is one of my favorite game ever




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