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868-HACK game by Michael Brough

868 Hack game by Michael Brough and have great fun by playing this game.

Genre:Strategy Developer:Michael Brough

Hi everyone today we write the reviews about RPG Reload. Sometimes we accidentally call jenny when we would like to play roguelite. Every day I look at RPG games from App store to see how it become well at time, I think it has improved a lot from past few years with its own design and technology.  868-HACK is a turn-based strategy game and its the creation of Michael Brough game He is a developer known for producing games of unique aesthetics and tight type but sometimes opaque  mechanical designs. If you were playing brough game, then you would feel like bewildered game and even a bit repulsed. Still spend few more time your curiosity will increase to play the game. And when you spend few more time you feel like hooked. When this got released on the platform in August 2013 it was highly praised. Like many Brough type game 868-hack game  started with a small idea, in this case which was developed for seven-day  roguelike challenge. Then he eventually released in IOS. Then he puts the game in stream where his game was highly praised rating effected on mobile ports.


like many Brough’s games 868-HACK is both highly praised and streamlined. when your compare his games with  its incredible design effective usage of a single-screen board to the extent of many other games feel wasteful in comparison. You will have six by six grid cells that are occupied by programs and exit will take you to next level your main goal is to survive in the game bit you’ll also want to collect many points is possible along the way. There are some set of rules need to follow like need to add additional measures by collecting both points and new programs. That cab be earned by using data siphon from an adjacent cell. And you will need resources to power type programs those can be transferred from any unoccupied cell. These data cells are limited you just cannot siphon everything. which needs you more a program to help distract the viruses or some resource to power the abilities which you have, or some point to your ultimate goal.

There is another twist to transfer those points blocks or twists, however when we transfer those blocks the transfer of number of enemies equal to the orange number on their display. In this case of point blocks that number will be equal to the number of points you earn by siphoning it. So if you want to hold up big points then ready to face the consequences. If possible try to take only a few points in the row before you finish the game. I mean your position will be in critical stage if you release enemies. Exiting from game will be restore one point of your health.  In the game you come across several different kinds of enemies and they will have there own behavior and techies to follow. Glitches will come direct through walls and will get you. Viruses will take two turns for your one. You have to know these enemies well for you want to survive.


Even if you exit from the game that stage it will not save you. when you go back to health point and reset the resources, the enemies will stay just where you left them. If you decided to choose and  release eight foes then be prepared to deal with them. You cannot run a game at-least for long time. This is what I am explaining about  every single move have to be very careful. In 868-HACK in the game you can only collect a set of number of siphons, so choose them according to your requirement and having programs of no resources to use them is just a waste. And if you only go for points and not programs you’ll be survived for long time of run.

You see siphons are a scarce resources and there’s still one resource you must understand. You have eight stages in the game. Once you’ve completed them your scores will be set, and you can start on next stage. The game maintains learderboards for both streaks and single run so both are taken if you miss the point from the game, then rather small number of stages per run draws a bold underline in games theme by making it limited resources. The meaning of set of siphons  means you should move on and earn resource and more points, and open new games. In the number of stages one of those siphons is important and be careful how to use them in each level.


I have read various review on 868-HACK and have been compared to both Manand chess and PAC. I think in Pac-man your character is more joy and outnumbered can do housecleaning now and then. You should be well planned how to deal with enemies behavior and when you’ll meet them on each move in board layout. Thats true in pac-man but 868-hack done a better job in this game you required long term planning but execution is a matter of minute. Some special work to brain I wanted to explain you all because I have went through game tutorial and left you to discover some functionality depending upon how you feel of the game is left on you either frustrating or interesting. I really never stopped  playing 868-Hack its one of those game I always play in my mobile. The game has unusual visuals and developer as designed the game very clever. You will start to admire the game when you learn technics how to defeat foes. I feel 868-Hack is a brilliant game now its up to you decide what the game is up to



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