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Quell Zen is The Gorgeous Maze Puzzle Game

Quell Zen is the Gorgeous MazePuzzle Game by Fallen Tree games Ltd its a relaxing Quell series puzzle.

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Fallen Tree Games Ltd


Quell Zen by Fallen Tree Games Ltd- if you are a fan of Quell reflect and Quell memento then even you must have game Quell Zen, its a relaxing Quell series of puzzle games. Whenever I  get free time I was playing video games  in most of my life, I would like some specific games so I would go for puzzles. They are definitely my favorite but now I spend my spare times on  iphone 6s Plus and they’re simulating so my brain gets sharper and most of them are rather relaxing. And I am a fan of Quell games from a long time now, ever since I discovered Quell Reflect back in 2012, and it has become series and on time it has grown better and better. If you like puzzle games like Quell Memento and Quell Reflect, then definitely you will like Quell Zen.

This game is like other Quell games and incredible well polished one with whole japanese zen garden theme. This game has got nice color with mixer of soft and rich, puzzles takes you to a 2-D layout. But as you’re going through the level selection screen you can experience nice pseudo 3-D feel to it that makes you still more interesting. Developers made sure all of the textures and environments. Animations and reflections in Quell zen are beautiful and neat , fluid with atmospheric soundtrack. Controls in Quell Zen are straightforward and the task is guide the raindrops in the maze layout safely while collecting all of the shiny metallic orbs. We can do this by swiping your finger in the direction we want the raindrop to slide over it, The raindrop will continue swiping until it hits a wall and obstacle. If there are multiple raindrops, you’ll have to slide your finger on top of one you want to keep the moves going on. New mechanics are introduced as you go, such as portal rings, lasers, spikes and more. which means a challenging spike and new difficulties to face that waits you.

when you play, there is a number in top left corner this tell total number of moves required to solve the puzzle. If you made a mistake somewhere in the game. you can always go back and replay again until you are satisfied. If you do get a perfect it means  you get more coins and solution keys. These will help to unlock chapters early if you get stuck and can’t go forward, and lot of them can be solved in trial-and -errors.

There are many secrets that you need to discover for your interest  in the game. Were it includes hidden gems on each level. And hidden levels can be played. Its a great motivation to search hidden levels and playing. I highly recommend play once Quell Zen if you love maze puzzle games, or just enjoyed the previous game releases from the developer (Quell Reflect, Swapperoo, Quell Memento).




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