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Pixel Cup Soccer 16

Pixel Cup Soccer 16′ Review – There’s Your Fairytale

Pixel Cup Soccer 16

Genre:Arcade  Developer:ODT S.A.

Pixel Cup Soccer is a Pocket Gamer with a great-looking arcade Soccer game  and game’s visuals and music definitely takes back to all those retro soccer games when I played during my college days. In this type of games mainly scoring goals are focused on.  Pixel cup soccer 16 is another fantastic addition to the growing roster of soccer games with feature of simple arcade elements of the beautiful game to provide an extremely fun footballing experience that is easy to pick up, this game looks simple but hard to master and even more difficult to reject and its very entertaining.


Before you speak about pixel cup soccer 16, your expectation should be limited the movements such as move, tackle, pass and tactics while game allows for some variations on these mechanics such as charging a pass to turn it into a lob, finesse shooting options and power options really does focus on the entertainment elements of the sports in scoring goals. The onscreen controls perfectly allows you to pass down the pitch with a wonderful amount of clever design like you can use to imitate the tiki-taka approach of Barcelona, attempt mazy solo runs and lobo through balls across the length of the pitch and the arcade games eliminates the lazy and jumble feel of the other football games on the appstore and just make you feel fun with basics of the sport.

There are some limitations in the game  and when you find a solution that feel like working out for you quite easy to simply repeat it and infinite to win in most game. Even on hardest thing like I found out simply falling around foes players as they failed on their attempts to slide tackle my player can easily shot the goal. Its your decision to take the method go either easy or difficult just to reach the goal. When all the teams  in the game have very few difference in them. There are also few other little surprises in them like occasional fluke golazo from far out secret in while playing powerful shots from close range are saved from goalkeeper AI. However these are generally accepted conclusion from the basic arcade nature of the game and are a price worth to play which has great fun to play.


Pixel Cup Soccer 16 is also full of surprises with many different options in terms of tournaments you take part in but also how smooth and customization the game engine is You can take advantage of the summer competitions and also to play through Euro 2016, the Copa America Centenario and other tournaments like men and women’s world cup, compete with all the teams present and playable. details are rather remarkable. And the groups are exact reflections like actual life players. And good thing is there is no licenses in the game, all players have first names in the game and truly good feeling about winning with Mesut Ozil. And there are other modes to play such as friendly match, practice mode and penalty kick showdown limited offline multiplayer on ipad. And online play is unavailable otherwise it would be fantastic bonus. Even in menus the music and production values are superb. which is pluspoint of developers.


Career mode is a superb one with the option to manage teams and taking part in leagues to win in titles would certainly add more to replaying the same tournaments. It would be great addition if you customise and create your own tournament with specific teams. And more variations in the strengths, weakness and playing style of the team like each individual players would feel achievement from the fact that shirt color and barring hair, sprint speeds and teams are essential reskins of each other. This game is extremely enjoyable to play and variable are altered like weather, the stadiums you play. The basic core of the game have variations like in  game speed and difficulty mean.




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