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Phoenix II in a new style with daily challenges

Phoenix II in a new style and daily challenges.

Phoenix II

Genre:Action Developer:Firi Games


Phoenix 2 makes you feel like playing shootup game intensively. That could be more than just an occasional  distraction, and also game could fit into someone’s life. And in this point of view it succeeds because game is designed best for mobile devices and built for mobile platform, and brings you smashup experience. The plan behind phoenix 2 game is that the unique levels will resets every 24 hours at about midnight GMT in the world. And the levels are different each day,  for that day the level is always the same, and you’re trying to advance the levels  as far as possible. On this way you can learn the enemy patterns for that day. And  you can learn various enemies like, but important thing is what is happening specially on that day. And you’ll move as far as possible, you can upgrade your ship when you get more money the further you advance in game. We love this whole daily play scenario  and think more games need to do something like this similar to Leap day. Phoenix 2 is open-ended nature and challenging one. If you want something challenging and master in it you can go for that too. You can observe two big changes from original phoenix here your new focus on daily missions and in Phoenix 2 in one hit it kills you and opposed to have shields and lives as in original. so you die a lot be ready. you have to learn in enemy patterns how to dodge bullets by squeezing through small gaps you can see in enemy pattern. Based on shipment  choice you have option to choose new special attacks for military.


once more big change in the game structure has been renovated. The focus on local scoreds changed to daily leaderboards, and you can buy ships and test them you can also upgrade the ships with money and can own particular ships by paying coins you earn. And a new community mission is added where you get rewards for people in your community. The different ships in the game has different properties. you need to occasionally recharge primary weapons with shots like a straight laser. Spread shots are slow but a lot of targets. variety of special ability charged up by collecting glows bits that dead enemies leave behind. These abilities range from the defense like enemy stunts and bullet cancellation to more offensive weapons like missiles and auto-targeting lasers. There are ships with ability thats has passive or is charged by doing nothing. Like a glowy-bit attractor that are very helpful when bits might be in danger. The offensive abilities of ships are high risk because of their long charge times. The coins you earned on daily basis can be upgraded to each ship, their is one problem in the game if one screw up ruin a great run, its really frustrating and games support MFI Controller support. It will not make sense on iphone , but ipad is really great. one more ability is to play entirely one-handed you need to use two fingers to deploy special ability.But regardless, the core concept behind Phoenix 2 is great, and it does a great job at being a game worthy of playing daily.