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Oceanhorn 2 : Knights of the Lost Realm upcoming App

‘Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm’ Announced, Now a Free Roaming 3D Action RPG.

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm

It’s been three years since Oceanhorn [$8.99] made its way in the Appstore and its a beautiful Zelda-esque approach to the mobile adventure even its heavily inspired by the classic sword-fighting series- managed to make more traditional console gamers take a notice of serious platform for video games. While Oceanhorn was universally loved by fans and got many critics alike, and there was always a question of whether a cornflox & Bros could expand the game with unique offering of its own. Today we got a answer Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm. Which has proved major evolution for the Action RPG series.


From the glance we can make out it’s very obvious to see where the influence for Oceanhorn 2 has idea come from and the developers have got the influence of the newer 3DZelda games entirely owing their quality, Oceanhorn2 should offers slightly more free-roaming RPG action similar to Ravensword series, and developers have promised to continue the core elements that made oceanhorn such a hit, with world of colourful andlots of secreat to uncover, with the same epic music and backstory should hint with the lore of the first title. Despite this, developer included anod to the way the hero of time is not one consisteant character in zelda games, but in Oceanhorn2 you play a completely new boy in an alternate time period tom the first game, but same objective of becoming knight of Arcadia. While not massively important to the narrative, and this is very good way of cementing The game Oceanhorn series is a truely twisted concept, and leaves the game open for future repetitive and additional in time.

Still Cornfox & Bros have a detailed to the combat system explaing about sword figting, the ability to conjure up magical spells, and some items foind around the world can be used for conflict.  the main item hero use in the game is the Caster which is a gun that shoots magical projectiles, and can be used to solve puzzles and to control enemies. There are still some questions of flexibility and andpuzzle solving mechanics, however these initial concept of traversable world map ensure level of depth that could continue similar Action RPG Titles. The Oceanhorn2 is developed by 5 teams its truly stunning with such impressive artwork.



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