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Monument Valley is an award winning game.

Mounment Valley is very a beautiful minimalist 3D design puzzle game with eye catching optical illusions.

Monument Valley

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Ustwogames

Monument Valley is an innovative illusion puzzle game. The art style in the game is revolutionary, and everything is wonderful with eye catching architecture and impossible geometry. In this you should guide Princess Ida through illustrious stages that are designed in optical illusions in order to figure out who she is. You will find the game is a bit short, but there are more content available through in-app purchases. And its all about your experiences till the game ends.


Changing environment

In this imaginative journey you will guide Ida to explore by tapping on the spot and will make her to walk toward it. Tap and swipe to rotate parts of the architecture which will show new paths, In this Imaginative journey guide Ida across waterfalls or have her walk down sides of walls in this awesome Illusion game.

Why we love it?

Monument Valley is a Optical illusion and stunning puzzle with brilliant design game, many have inspired from it. In the game play puzzles and beautiful minimalist 3D design which will keep the thrill in the game. You will experience far more better gameplay and find it challenging. There are more levels in the game, but first you will need to solve the current puzzle to move next level.



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