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‘Mobius Final fantasy’ finally launches worldwide, available on app store

Mobius Final Fantasy is a full-scale RPG game and one of the highly anticipated game by fans of Square Enix


Genre:Role Playing Developer:SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.

This game is a full HD game and highly anticipated by fans of Square Enix, with beautiful 3D graphics. Everybody were waiting for this game back in 2014 an to everyone’s delight today its finally released worldwide. Mobius Final Fantasy story was written by Kazushige Nojima touted by Square Enix, who had very important role in writing the narrative for Final Fantasy VII and among other unforgettable entries in the series tale of epic ‘Warrior of Light’ which manages to be even half as good as his previous work. With the use of cards to conjure up spells and also summon interesting new RPG mechanics, all this makes this a suitable game for the iOS platform. Mobius Final Fantasy is a free-to-play game. Final fantasy has finally come to your smartphone and this has got infinite play with each episode delivering full scale RPG and a variety of management events for each chapter.

Update: While the game is currently available on the market to download, owing to its online requirements you won’t be able to start playing Mobius Final Fantasy until 8am PST. Only a few more hours to wait!




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