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Mimpi Dreams is gorgeous puzzle platformer for everyone

Mimpi Dreams is gorgeous puzzle platformer for everyone with bouncy animations that are bursting with personality.

Mimpi Dreams

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Silicon Valley s.r.o

Mimpi Dreams developed by Silicon Valley S.r.o is follow up of original Mimpi game that was released back in 2013. There are also some spinoff games with Mimpi Hidden objects, Mimpi Volleyball and Mimpi If you love dogs and like casual puzzle adventure then you would definitely love this game.


I personally love dogs, cats, pigs, birds anything else you consider pets as well as wildlife. Dogs are great pets especially they are fun to play and its pretty much all are coming together so exciting  that’s nice. Its worth to play Mimpi Dog puzzle platformers game. Visually Mimpi Dreams are really gorgeous like previous Mimpi games. The game has flat aesthetic that has been made popular even since release of IOS7. Also graphics in the game are really worth it. Developers choose soft pastels and melding gradients, hazy with bright and rich tones, minimalistic design. All characters in the play are rendered well, with jumping animation that are bursting with personality. overall animation are fluid and smooth. Soundtrack are delight to listen I recommend to use pair of earbuds.mimpi2

In the game Mimpi Dreams features five different worlds that Mimpi dogs can explore, all are part of his doggy dreams. These areas include a tesla landscape, forest, seaside and even fairytales and medieval castles. In each world Mimpi will meet new friends and need to rescue them as we know they like to become hero Mimpi needs your help to solve the obstacles and he explores each area in search of bed at the end. Puzzles are casual one  that anyone can finish the game Controls in Mimbi game are simple. In the bottom left will be buttons for moving left and right. In the bottom right button allows Mimpi to jump but he can’t jump higher. You will come across objects and creatures that can interact with gestures like taps, swipes and some switches even if your are stuck, the game will guide you well. The Mfi controller can be used to play games. The main goal of the game is to get Mimpi to his Dog bed at the end of a stage, while helping friends through his way and if you need extra challenge there are boosts in every level you can achieve through your perfectionist skill. Sometimes you can find bonus in puzzle itself, There are also hint bulbs and use them if you want. The game is not difficult so don’t worry. There are no in-app purchase for more hints. The layout of the Mimpi Dreams lots bit strange, since you cann’t choose the levels you want. It feels like large stage, and at the end will be Mimpi goes to bed and sleeps when he wakes up it will next new world. Due to this rhe game feels stremlined and you can gain plenty of checkpoints that can be found throughout the levels. If you need break from the game, then you can restart with the last checkpoints. The game is not quit challenging no need to worry about lives or points-it’s all about relaxing and playing puzzle games.

The visuals of Mimpi Dreams are gorgeous, The soundtrack is superb and you can control cute little dog with wild dreams.







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