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The little fox is a Hexagonal runner game with beautiful low-poly graphics design.

The little fox by Oleg batakov is a Hexagonal runner and an impressive game with the beautiful low-poly graphics design

The Little fox

Genre: Adventure Developer:Oleg Batrakov

The Little fox is the game of twitchy hexagonal runner by Oleg batakov is inspired from  the story ‘The little prince’  by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, which is known as the ‘fairy tale for adults.’ This game is similar to super hexagonal then you would definitely like the little fox game. The little fox game has got its own style with beautiful low-poly graphics. And the design of game with the mix colors of bright and vibrant hues with rich tones looks really gorgeous and stunning as well. In-between levels, you will find cutscenes of the game which will explain the story and these are well animated in their own way.


The little fox is not a infinite runner its a hexagonal runner. I mean their is a story to a game.and there are only 13 fairytale worlds this might sound there are only few levels. But these levels are very challenging one i will get stuck in 1st level struggling to reach the end and  have to move on next world. The game also keeps the track of how many attempts you’ve done already, this will keep on increasing high over time. So be prepared to die all the time. Due to the circumstances of the game some controls in the game are incredible to master. As you guide fox in search of little prince, you have to help him through hexagonal path through various environment, To move on a lane just tap on the side screen. When turn comes up, you need to tap twice to take full turn for required direction. While it sounds quit easily but its really hard, due to its fast-paced nature of the fox run. To make game more interesting, there are gaps that the fox must jump over like slow boost tiles, speed boost tiles and shiny blue crystals to collect. The moment you crash into obstacle you will fail.after each attempt You can see completion number of percentage and no of each attempts you have tried on.

One thing i found interesting in this game when you fail, you can do a long-press on the screen and you’ll figure out where exactly you died at. This will be very useful to check where you made your mistake and hopefully you’re better prepared on the next attempt. so overall this game is a package of fun



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