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Top 10 Mobile games of the week August 2016

Check out Top 10 Mobile games of the week I hope you enjoy these new games.

1.Legend of the Skyfish

Genre:Action & Adventure Developer:Crescent Moon Games

Lengend of the Skyfish game developed by Crescent Moon and MGia this game is gorgeous puzzle game with action &adventure game that is similar to games like The Legend of Zelda, and some of the Crescent Moon games like Almightree:The Last Dreamer or The Deer God and enjoy Zelda games that will make you well know about The legend of the Skyfish. The games design is hand-painted with lots of creative ideas and unique style and each environment you’ll come across its own style appearance and tone, each with fine texture and small details painted in. Your character will be little Red Hook and other character has their own special personalities. Has got amazing adventurous music by Sean Beeson.


Task is explore the environment and beat up your opponents, solve difficult tricky puzzles then fight against boss you can increase your progress by finding the chest containing powerful upgrades for your hood and fishing rod and grappling the hook will be permanently unlocked. Even if you decide to go back next level. So have fun in this adventurous journey.


2.Eden the game

Genre:Role Playing Developer:Channel 4 Television Corporation


You will helping your own community grow on same scottish location. to build a camp And you will be given responsibility for prioritizing everything and make other to work by constructing more camp building, Farming and Hunting, Scavenging. Also you should keep a note always campfire should be burning brightly to keep the confidence of the people and you will be supervisor and mange activities of camp like like build shelther, Kitchen storehouse, workshop and decorate the camp by upgradeng building, all paths, showers, statues many more. And manage camp pigs, chickens and cows and also water supplies.



3.Ruins Ahead

Genre:Arcade  Developer:Robot Cake


This game is developed by Robot cake. Its all about you finding treasure in your journey and  explore endless ruins and escape from the tricky traps also can rotate the levels to avoid obstacles while discovering treasure and move on to skill the master of the ruins. You can also unlock various character in this treasure journey and features such as explore 5 different worlds and collect artifacts to play bonus level.



4.Hyber Blast 
Genre:Arcade Developer:Adam Smart
    This game is an ultimate shooter game with an addictive and fast-paced score chaser that will push your energy to the limit. And test your skills as you blast endless enemies attack you unlock awesome power-ups and battle for the survival. Get high scores and unlock special power.


5.Puppet Bird
Genre:Arcade Developer:Pine Entertainment
This game is about Floppy bird where it can’t fly. You should help this little bird to fly with your technics and energy. You have 21 puppet birds to unlock looks quit easily but difficult to handle and master. You can check your highest score on Gamecenter achivementS and leaderboard.
6.Ninja Dude vs Zombies

Genre:Clicker Developer:AdoreStudio Ltd.

In this Clicker game you have to Tap & slash as many zombies you can and try to escape from them and You have to kill zombies using your ninja shurikens tecnics and survive in zombie invasion. The developer Adore Studio has done excellent job concept is really cool. And change a game in an over saturated genre. And this game as got lots of love from apple and as you progress on the game moving further game becomes really challenging with each wave harder to survive. There is nothing game like this one in appstore waw.


A brave ninja boy was trapped on a tower he is surrounded by group of bloody zombies and he can escape from zombie invasion is his only hope thick-and-thin shurikens. and you can save him by tapping on both sides shooting zombies as many as you can. Kill zombies and show your record with your friends.


7.I Wanna Fly

Genre:Arcade  Developer:Woodland Games


Every one will say life is a dreamer and harder you gotta go for it. Especially for those dreams that seem really impossible to achieve. You don’t have enough time to waste for it become a dreamer whose dream is to fly and succeed in it. But when you start fly you will also fall prepare for it. Unlock 10 characters by earning gold coins and by achieving ranks. Fall through the city, underground and reach the planets core.




Genre:Puzzle Developer:3 Sprockets


Outfolded is a minimalist design game just relax zone out and experiment in a never ending series of levels, and play daily challenging puzzles to earn hints and pits with your best and unfold shapes to reach your goal. This game is a creator of Cubemen series, PAC-MAN 256 and outfolded puzzle experience like no other. You can also compete with your friends like no other and share it with your friends.


9.Sleepy Mouse

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Dan Norris

This tiny little mouse is very lazy and sleepy, he just loves to sleep and eat cheese but he hates to wake up hungry so you have to avoid alarm, radios and clocks. Puzzle have  fantastic rounds such as 75 levels with full of triggers, holes, magnets and moving platforms. you  have a solution how not to make sleepy mouse hungry awake by feeding him cheese and make friends with blue cheese and pick up sheep for more sleep. There are some mechanics with unique stages like physics based puzzles and you can increase multiple bounce by earning more points.



10.Parks and Rekt

Genre:Racing Developer:PETER GOVIND JR

You have got fired from your job at parks and recreation department. In this game you take your ex-employes vehicle and destroy object in all the parks in the city.  Whoever stand in your way
Destroy as many public park property as you can before they get you and you might not be employ of parks and recreation anymore but also you can redecorate the city park one last time. Earn more coins to unlock 12 vehicles designs. Drive on ojects in parks to get many coins.

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