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Fantasy Mage Defend the village from the clutch of death

Defend the village from the clutch of death in Fantasy Mage

Fantasy Mage

Genre: Role playing Developer:Illogical

Fantasy Mage is a Hack & Slash game and combination of action and role-playing you can enjoy. When I was in College my love for fantasy and magic blossomed. Since we know how stressful our college will be and whenever I feel like taking long break from reality. And even though college is long gone for me, still I love to take break even now and then to escape from stressful responsibility that’s why video games was my favorite things- they are really great time pass and give relief from stressful life. I love the spell-casting so I thought Fantasy Mage would be right up my alley.


The graphics in the Fantasy mage are pretty sharp, and Its a 3-D with an angled, top-down perspective, this will make you see with one glance of all the battlefields. The colors in the village is dark than I’d like, because of the shadows cover the village. And what do you expect from villagers that have been abandoned from long time. Where it has been filled with plague of skeletons that have taken over. But still some vegetation life remains in the villages with green looks nice to see and buildings covered with half shadow looks nice. And if we want to talk about animation which are smooth and fluid. The soundtrack has got weird mix but it doesn’t distract you while enjoying the game.

Fantsy Mage is a level-based game, Where players must move through the story based level-by level. While there is pretty good story mode going on fantasy mode, and before start of a level  game that give a short introduction of a game and explaining current situation to you. However there is no variation in the level you see a barren village where people are deserted and who lived there still we can see some vegetation here and there while layout may vary on each stage. But we can find some repetitive going on. The objective is simple just to clear all skeletons then move on next level again then same repetitive continues.

But lucky game does have some variety in combat itself. Since you’re a mage you have some specialized skill like elemental spells. Unfortunately our opponents will have some specialized skills when they attack, so when your making a move need to take element into consideration. In bottom right corner you have button called “auto target” will pinpoint nearest enemy to you. The cycle of the element is simple, fire is great against air, water is great against fire and earth is good against water. Once you get the basic combat becomes easier. To move you just have to tap where you want your mage to move or place you finger on screen to move continuously. When you can find foe or are engaged in combat tap on the opponent to begin attacking with your spells. you can select equipped spells from the bottom of the screen and tap on them for your current use. And auto-target button locks on to the closest enemy near you and stat attacking once you are in range. Controls are rather simple but still I suggest using joystick of some kind move around, I mean my fingers on screen making it difficult to see whats around my character and sometimes it will hung. I wish to have some button to attack on foe instead of tapping on opponent. I feel rather bettert Optimization for the controls s to play smoothly. The objectives is to clear all the skeleton’s and once its done you will earn experience points and loot for your troubles. As you level up You can earn skill points and that is distributed into four areas: Stamina, Focus, Rage, and Constitution. has to do with your character health which is in bottom left corner.

The loot is done in random order and will be mix of equipment like boot, helmet and armour and even variety of spells. To equip your mage,  just move from inventory screen to main title and tap on the slot for change gear . However be careful since you will be having limited inventory space. If you feel something wasteful just destroy the maze for free up space.

I was really excited to play game but made me bit let down while it looks neat during actual game and menus are bit barebones, levels, music and missions are repetitive get stale after a while. There also no guidelines to tell you which inventory are new. This game is good for casual players.





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