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Egg Inc is the FarmVille of Idle Clickers

Egg Inc  is the FarmVille of Idle Clickers get in to the gold rush and sell as many eggs as you can.

Egg inc

Genre:Idle Cllicker Developer:Auxbrain Inc

Egg inc is a Clicker game with a cartoonist character which makes even more interesting to play the game. And game is similar to famous cookie clickers and surprisingly zen-like experience the main task of this game is to build most profitable egg farm you can with most prettiest quick way and you can do this by continuously clicking  and send chicken from hatchery mode to the hen house, where these hens will work hard all day and night to lay eggs for profit. If you succeed by making hens to lay more eggs and house is filled up inn eggs they send them to market. In this way you can upgrade both your hen houses and your shipping department. Also players are able to upgrade every element of the gameplay. you have to buy upgrades this will speed up your business by making eggs more valuable and improve your clicking ability and by speeding up delivery vehicles. And you can find more upgrades for your hatchery refill rate and speed up egg laying. Its compulsary you should spend currency to upgrade it.  By default you can have two silos of idle play each provides an hour of idle play. If you want some 10 silos you have to spend cash this will keep things going a whole lot longer. Its a smart idea either player will spend money to keep farm going on or player can play after 2 hour to keep going.


Prestige system in Egg, Inc is bit different than anything I’ve seen before in a clicker, prestige is a leveling system. Once you finish basic stages in Egg inc you play with unlocked egg of greater values, because these new farm will grow faster once upgrade is done and egg’s will be increased. Eventually after a number of prestiges, you will stuck in the game during seventh egg. when Hen houses and shipping capacity are full this is what we have done with Egg,Inc. At the end awarding me huge rewards . This made players eggs to dominate  in local supermarket. Idle clickers are don’t usually hold interest for longer times but this made a huge hit in market. we need to really appreciate this kind of games has strong presentation and a great sense of humor.

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