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Starlit Adventures is a game to Dig, explore and collect stars.

Dig, explore and collect stars in Starlit Adventures.

Starlit Adventures.

Genre:Action&Adventure. Developer:Rockhead Games

Starlit Adventure game developed by Roackhead Games this is an action packed adventure platformer. If you ever played games like Pocket Mine 2, Puzzle to the Center of the Earth and Doug Dug then you will love the game starlit adventure with plenty of fun for the whole family. I’ve been quiet busy these days with some personal things so, whenever I get free times during weekends I love to play on my iphone6 to pass the time and to relax. I just randomly picked up games Starlit Adventures the game was awesome. The graphic style in a Starlit adventure is a 3-D game that provides a cartoonish look and this will make a good pick up games for kids as well. The background is beautiful and detailed, with the layouts in the foreground are fairly straighforward but still make you think before you move. Colors are bright and vibrant with plenty of nice textures throughout visuals this shows how much care the developers are put to the game. Animations are really smooth no lag in my iphone 6s plus. And game has fairly unpredictable and cute soundtrack in the background that is fun to listen and sound effects are tough.


In starlit adventure, Players must help two characters Bo and Kikki the starlit and they should search and find the stars which was stolen by the evil Nuru. To find the star players should clear every new stages and explore the lands, finding the stars and even shiny jewels along the way. In each stage you have to find the stars and even shiny jewels along the way. in each stage will make players to find a key to a treasure chest at the end. The stages are laid out are puzzles despite the fact that the game is an adventure platformer. There are three stars on each level, all stars we have to achieve. If not you will need to go back and find them all to complete the level.

The controls in the game are pretty simple though it take time to get used to master the game. In the bottom there will be buttons for moving left and right as well as digging downward into blocks of dirt. In the game you cann’t move upwards or  jump so need to think about every step while you make a move in each level. You can go backtrack if you miss something above. This is what makes the game so challenging, and each stage is a puzzle that have to be solved carefully and efficiently for the best score. As you progress through the game you will get more abilities and attacks. For example when you have archer suit then tap above the line to shoot an arrow at whatever direction you are facing at the moment. This different suits will be best for solving the troubles you are facing through enemies as well as tough boss battles. Also you can achieve various suits..

While control works are simple enough I find it annoying because when I ended up doing something wrong action due to misplaced thumbs. There are no ways to customize the positioning of the control buttons, so you need some practice without looking where your thumbs are players can find tickets and collectible stickers throughout the game. These are a fun games will help keep coming players again and again. Fortunately you will lose a heart if you die and don’t continue, or if you plan to restart a level.

There is also a premium currency in a starlit adventure, but game itself can be enjoyed without paying a money as long as your are patient and in no hurry. Even though we are not a big fan of free-to-play title I feel starlit adventures is more fun and enjoyable for whole family. The music is charming and the controls are simple but takes time to master.



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