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Diffusion By Filament Games a Mathematical Puzzle Game

Fractions Can Be Fun in Diffission, a Mathematical Puzzle Game.


Genre:puzzle Developer:Filament Games


Diffission the game developed by Filament Games is a mathematical puzzle game that carries both educational and fun. If you enjoyed other games like Noda and mesh then you will really enjoy Kick as well, this game also involves old fraction as well. I am not big braine   in maths general, but manage to do well in math classes that I took back in high school and college. But still I didn’t love maths so much it was quit boring and not fun. But nowadays anything can be changed from boring to fun which is a great thing. Fractions are very irritate in math classes and quite challenging one. But This game I could’t resist which is a good looking puzzle, Honestly speaking I had no idea it was a math theme at first. I am happy I tries it out.

The visually Diffission is beautiful with simple ans minimalistic graphics. The game is simple with basic shapes and structure floating on top of a colored with animated background that gradually changes color over it. Its some what hypotic and relaxing and animation is smooth and fluid as if you break the shapes down the game is very responsive overall. The relating and atmospheric music is definitely soothing and it aid your mind to put effort while you play. Filament games definitely made which is really great in terms of visuals and audio with this game Diffusion puzzle game has two mode:Challenge and Endless. On the first launch you will have a short tutorial that displays you ropes before you get the full Endless mode available to you its very important to go through tutorial otherwise you get lost. Endless mode lets player to play at their way just solving the puzzles with no end goal in mind. Challenges gives you a set of time and you should reach a specific goal so it counts as your score. When each time puzzle is solved you can either add to diamond goal or add more time to the clock. Its bit more faster and frantic pace than endless, due to its nature.

The diamonds you collect by solving puzzle will unlock different types of blocks. When you get more block types that will open up new set of puzzles which can be solved in each mode, You can continue this process until all blocks are discovered. like you can unlock the dissolving block once you highlight it. This can be used for your advantage to get rid of other blocks, or separate the dissolving blocks to make life easier, but if you leave some special blocks behind you can collect more diamond for more blocks later. with new blocks types new mechanics are introduces these will make interesting since its adds new layer of depth to the games core gameplay. Your experience in the gameplay is confusing in the beginning but later you get used to it. And your objective is display  the bottom left corner, and its a fraction. In the right bottom is the total number of blocks that make up the shapes or to make the goal you have to cut the shape into equal pieces. This is done by slicing them with your finger To make more specif cuts just drag your finger slowly along the edges of the squares you want to break away from the rest. Once things are sliced into equal pieces then you’ve selected enough to match the fraction goal.

While in the starting game is easy and things get tricky as you go, since you have to deal with larger number of squares to break down, together with more block types and complex fractions. And in challenge mode you should be speed in finding solutions quickly in order to get the best score. Out of various mathematical puzzle games I feel Diffission is the hardest them all, but its challenging. Fractions are something we don,t  know much, and we forget that sometimes it’s important. This game is making me very hard about fraction  and fun rather than boring.



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