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Deus Ex GO developed by SQUARE ENIX INC

Deus Ex Go developed by SQUARE ENIX INC the third installment of the GO series of games

Deus Ex GO

Genre:Puzzle Developer:SQUARE ENIX INC

This game is third installment series from developer SQUARE ENIX INC and which includes Hitman Go, Laracraft Go. The game Go is uninitiated, but the Go games became popular with its beautiful strategy puzzle games and by its theme all the three games are really best and and worth checking out.

The game Deus Ex has been making rounds since 2000, But I have not played the game yet but in fact, I have a copy of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but I just don’t have time to check it out. But I have this in my lists of the game because it combines the technology and role-playing elements with FPS action and features lots of stealth themes and hacking all the stuffs. I will play this game one day, but I previous loved games like Tom raider, Hitman. But now its available on appstore. I have to say just one word its the best game of this year. does

If I want to speak about Visual of Dues Ex Go then its really gorgeous as its style of interpretation work of the Dues Ex universe. If you ever played the originals then you will immediately become fans of the game Dues Ex Go. The features 3-D graphics with an angled, top-down perspective so you can view all the action that happens. The game is superb with environment are packed with fine details and textures, and colors are bright and hues with subtle vignett effect going on around the edges of the screendoes

You will be playing as Adam jensen with black trench coat and sunglasses by moving fluidly on each turn. His enemies including turrents, guards and many more this game has got there own unique appearance and movements, abilities The animations in Deus Ex Go is soft and fluid  with no log on my iphone 6plus. There’s also an detailed plot to uncover as you move forward which will be told through dialogue box which is very helpful not intrusive. The artwork of each character’s avatar appears in dialogue boxes is beautiful, and its done with help of 2-D and in a stylish low-poly look in it. The games soundtrack will takes you into Deus Ex world. The Deus ex Go is a level-based game will move through sequential order with the advance of story and also involves conspiracy behind terrorist plot. The main intention of the game is to help jensen from stating point to the end which takes you next level.  But you can’t detected by enemies. Because there’s a line path can be seen in each level when you move jensen one space on each turn. If foes found you then they will activate their Titan armor and follows you in straight path, but only if you move turrets will shoot you on sight, and late on there will be walkers, drones and other crazy enemy types. Since everything in a puzzle instance will occur on turn- by- turn basis, it’s important to watch your foes movements and make a perfect opportunities to escape or strike using weapon.

The control of the game is simple like other games to make jenson move tap to the point adjacent to where you are and make him walk. Think if enemy guards detects you and they will activate there Titan armour by finding out where you are in turn color red. With Titan Armour you can’t defeat them but from sides or behind can get rid of them. Other enemies like turrents can be defeated by secretly up behind him or by hacking computer systems by tracing paths and shoot the turrents or Activate floors panels where you want to go and get items like invisibility which can be activated by taps. The amount of stealth and solving difficult puzzles mean there are tons of challenges in the game which is a great thing. The game will be pretty easy in the beginning of the stage but as you move in the game things will become more complex and you have to use foes to block the other enemies, Technics such as use invisibility and get tricky spots, hack computers and change the flow of electricity in this way you can cross all obstacles. One plus point is that there is no time limit or restriction on move you can take time to solve puzzles if you fail try again and again.


In main story mode missions developers have “Live Content” section, which has new puzzle events every weekday and you can play puzzles of previous day. And these puzzles are really complicated and hard to solve and I suggest you go for story mode later nothing stops you to take them on.



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