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Burly Men at Sea will release on Sep 29th on both mobile & Desktop

Burly Men at Sea sets sail in September, and it’ll release on mobile and desktop simultaneously .

Burly Men at Sea

Genre:Advenure  Developer:Burly Men at Sea

The game Burly men at sea was developed by Brain&Brain’s has been very interesting game. not because of its title but characters have several burly bearded men, but also gained lots of attention due to its storybook adventure game. Well the good news is after several months of the game being demoed, its nearing to the conclusion, from kill screen reporting from Gamescom that Burly men at Sea will release not only for desktop but also for mobile on September 29 th. Checkout the latest tailor.


The game Burly Men at Sea is very narrative experience rather than puzzle game, not because of its view due to the intriguing little mix for this kind of game. Right now I am very curious to play this game once and I’m excited to finally see this game on sep 29th. Plus, simultaneous mobile as well as desktop release makes the mobile gaming very interesting.



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