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Bulb Boy review

‘Bulb Boy’ Review – This Little Light of Mine, I’m Gonna Let it Shine

Bulb Boy By Bulbware

The Bulb Boy is IOS port of the 2015 ugly-comedy-horror point and click adventure game which is kind of weird environment but still kind a charming game due to its theme. This game is not very difficult to beat, as you play the game Blub Boy. once day bulb boy finds out the house he is staying with his frail grandfather and flying bulb dog all of a sudden occupied by monsters or some weird creatures from outer space. When he wakes up find himself in a dark room weird arms coming out of the walls, one gaint poop monster, headless chicken. And some ugly creatures you can only escape from these creatures by collecting various elements and using them on the environment and do various experiment to workout. Just like any good point-and-click adventure game.


Bulb Boy travel only through his head in many puzzle levels where he can come off his head and you need to escape from those arms coming out of the floor by getting thrown. Due to his versatile nature of Bulb boy himself. The game takes you to varies environment and uses the character in the way that you never expect the game to go. The game displays new tricks at you which makes you full of surprises there are two characters in the game surprising challenges and timing elements all these things makes you feel you dn,tknow what’s next.

In this game production value is great with a one color scheme which is designed quite well I mean only green colored elements are created changes when necessary. The animation is very smooth and fluid with resemblance of modern cartoonist characters. Speaking about music and sound design is exceptional because it’s not that great with headphones. Speaking about positional sound feels too much like its planned to 1 side or the other to a point that it doesn’t work well. This are gorgeous product.


The game can be compared to Day od the Tentacle Remastered  which is too slow and obscure than this one is Bulb Boy will let you die but still Bulb Boy is bit easy and each scene is self-contained , so all the elements can be used in the game. A few levels many feel tricky and once bug made me impossible to complete the level so I restarted the game. The hint system is situated well in the game with a dream bubble popping up in the game that hints what to do next in the game. A enthusiastic person can play a game with stiff challenge will be disappointed, in this game there is no need to combine any item this game will make you explore new world rather than solving puzzle. This game plays well in touchscreen just tap and hold two fingers to reveal any interactive objects and use just one finger to point and drag instance in game


Bulb Boy does a nice job at satisfying out the grotessqueness character to its theme and identity with certain sweetness. His character as a child designed in such a way that you empathize with him, along with his dog and week grandpa he always get scared and happy when he does a great job. This is what you feel when you take care of him like when he accidently dies you feel bad. You want him to succeed then you are his steward in that regard. I am not huge fan of horror but Bulb Boy made it possible to overcome that feeling. speaking about gameplay you can complete the game Bulbboy in an hour without bothering about too much.


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